Saturday thread - April 9th

There’s loads near here too, what’s the best way to harvest/use it?

Gonna go cycle to lots of village pubs with some friends

Will prob be in bed by 8pm


Just treat it like you would any fresh herb. It’s great for pesto, chimichurri, salsa verde etc. Also great on pizza, in risotto, or scattered over roast potatoes.

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First you go up to it then you pull it out the ground, happy to help.

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Where you going?

Yeah but just take the leaves like chives or the bulb like spring onions or or or (actually no, those are the only two options lol)

And Celentano’s

Guess i’ll take the bbq celeriac sounds like it could be too sweet though.

Gonna sink some pints in Drygate after?

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I have 80 napkins, and I need to wash them by hand

Can I get the clam and cod linguini to start, then the monkfish please? And a couple of the chips to share for the table as well? Thanks a lot.


You must have made quite the mess

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Might go back to sleep.

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It snowing

Morning everyone
Had a couple of weird dreams so woken up feeling a bit out of sorts. Have a little purring pal cuddling me in bed though :blush:

Gonna get up any second now and have coffee. Meeting my friend this afternoon and then… idk. If it’s nice weather I might go for a walk and feed the ducks.


Just the leaves

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Might have a quick one since it’s there, there’s a designated driver so can’t tempt them too heavily


Walk dog
Mow lawn
Maybe pack some shit into boxes ahead of moving
Going out to Local Kashmiri tonight.

Good morn

I am meant to do day 3 C25K today but I currently just want coffee and for my body not to be sore.

Also i am shopping for some new work threads today,always a hateful way to spend money. i also was thinking of impulse buying a MacBook air last night but I’m getting cold feet now


Bacon on, loads of footi, might pop out for some Vietnamese food later.

Buy work socks and shoes first and then consider impulse purchases?

Want @Avery to make me a coffee :coffee:

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