Saturday Thread feat 🌞 **DAYLIGHT UPDATE** 🌞

Morning all :wave:

It’s very bright this morning! I’m still in bed and I’m loathe to close the blinds but the sun is right in my eyes.

Off to watch the eldest be the best darned pirate in Mid Norfolk later.

For now, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :waning_gibbous_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:26 16:59 09:33:54 +3:47
Edinburgh 07:50 17:04 09:14:22 +4:20
Cardiff 07:36 17:17 09:40:53 +3:36
Belfast 07:56 17:19 09:23:05 +4:05
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:36 17:23 09:46:58 +3:26
Manchester 07:38 17:08 09:29:48 +3:54
Brighton 07:22 17:07 09:44:12 +3:30
Carlisle 07:45 17:06 09:21:13 +4:08

No milestones but look at all that daylight! What a treat.

Have a good day :blush:


Morning CCB. Dull and grey here. Wife’s off out for a haircut in a bit, so I’m making the most of it by lying in bed with a cuppa before I have to parent. sleepy because I stayed up until 2am catching up on last weekends rugby.

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Morning ccb et al!

I saw the lack of Saturday thread and assumed I was starting the thread - thanks for stepping in!

We’ve got drama and then we’re looking at a house in an area we like. We need to spend all of the rest of the day drinking coffee and tidying the house ready for someone to come and take pictures.


Once your pre 8 for sunrise and post 5 for sunset, it sort of feels a lot better. Becomes easier to get that vit d


Name names (and we will tell you all the things thats wrong with it)

One of my colleagues went to Cardiff for last weekend’s game. There were delays to takeoff and problems landing so they rerouted to Gatwick and ended up catching a £350 Uber to the stadium.

They’re the pipers you can hear over the closing pundit comments apparently.

You work with billy woods?

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Mornin all

Went to bed at about 1.30, was up again at 8 because a certain furry, four-legged animal insisted on me doing his breakfast. As you’d expect, he’s now gone back to bed.

Porridge. Shopping. Dog walk. Hair cut. Watch football. Sea Power.

There were six of them so it wasn’t quite as eye-watering as it sounds.

As he was telling me the story, I was thinking about my advice to you about always choosing the adventure - once you’re on the plane in London with rugby tickets in Cardiff, another £50 isn’t a big increase.



In bed with tea

No plans beyond a dog walk

How nice


Morning. Just made a coffee.

Might try out my new cycling shorts today.

In bed aussi, can’t decide porridge or croissant for Bfast



Home alone with the kid and it’s forecast to rain all weekend, which is not ideal.


I’m feeling loads better today. Energy levels have returned to normal, with just minor sniffles and the odd cough lingering.

That’s said, I got cramp in my leg in the night. I know there’s never a good time to get cramp, but at 5.30? Thanks, body!

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Just got woken up by a spam phone call fuck off scammers

Broadband is down again SIGH

Going to the book and zine fest at some point. Maybe some graveyards. Maybe the Paolozzi exhibition but that might wait until tomorrow.

Need an app on my phone that sends a “you are near great chai/croissants/margaritas” alert.


Reckon that’s @JaguarPirate’s time to shine


I don’t carry anything interesting in my pockets but maybe there’s a thread in this later today

So nice to wake up to the sunshine coming through the window this morning rather than darkness and rain hammering against it. Nothing really planned for today, but I think I’ll go for a walk in a bit to enjoy the weather (although as I type this the cat has just sat on top of me).