Saturday thread for Saturday people

“It’s a new dawn it’s a new day
It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good“
-Marilyn Monroe

You all know what I’ll be posting next, but what about you? What’s happening?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Not a lot going on here. Might go the big Tesco. Equally could go to the Asian supermarket and buy some green Fanta in a polish can.

Currently though,the cat has conspired to make sure I have just a small corner of the duvet

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Me and my housemate have been up all night drinking. Oh no


Im in bed still; Candy has parked up at my feet to sleep, cotton is pacing around the house. A is teaching ballet in the kitchen for a couple hours, then I’ll drive to mum who I’m bubbling with.

That is alllll

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Hello adybongo

Got a day hopefully uplifting. Got to go and get the final bits of mothers day material tomorrow for the TV which I’m excited about.

Also supposed to be going round to my parents to see my new nephew (through the window)

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Morning all!

I’ve been up since about 6.30 watching various kids’ TV with The Child. Her cough has settled into some kind of chesty monstrosity which, although inconvenient, supports the negative Covid-19 test we got from her yesterday. I’ll feel a lot more relaxed knowing we’ll probably have her back at nursery next week.

I’ll probably nip out to the shops at some point but that’s the extent of my daytime plans. Leftover takeaway for lunch and (possibly) the cauli steak and lentils that @rich-t posted the other day for tea.


Morning everyone! Hail showers here today, wonderful stuff. I’m tidying the kitchen and don’t know what else I’m gonna do today.

Don’t forget to get involved in this thread here, it’s important for everyone. Yeah I’m yer da, hi. Making DiS a safer space

Hi folks

First week of the new job done and really enjoyed it. Really glad I made the move.

Got pilates class on zoom at 10 then going to get some nice olive paint to paint a set of drawers we have. Need to go to the greengrocers for veg too. Then probably just stick an afternoon film on.

The lockdown life

Hope everyone is OK x


Woke up feeling rlly tired and sad

Hope that sorts itself out!

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Woke up at 6:30. Reading and drinking coffee. Nothing to report

Good morning! Going to go for a walk, its sunny this morning. Would have gone to Kew Gardens if I could drive but I can’t. Although in good news, I did a practice theory test without ever having studied for it and got 36/50 which is a fail but I was expecting 10 or less


Looks cold but bright today.

Got a walk planned with a pal later.

Think that’s about the size of it.

Dread building for work next week where it feels like those in charge have managed to expertly come up with a plan that is laser focused on being being the worst of all worlds/options. Ho hum. Just gotta get on with it.


Had some shit health-related news yesterday (nothing immediately deadly) so am up early to go for a walk. Alas it’ll only be round my estate but hey ho

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Up since 530, but the smallest dog is sat on me, which helps


Really wanted a lie in this morning.

Unfortunately the dog had other ideas and wanted his breakfast. Just to rub it in, he’s gone back to bed now.

Suppose I’ll take him for a walk in a bit, nowt else planned.

I remember I lucked out with a few of the questions on mine. I got the two piss easiest ones possible.


The one where they ask you whether, upon seeing a horse, you should slow down and drive quietly past it OR grind to an immediate halt OR drive faster to get away from it as soon as possible


The one where they ask if alcohol impedes your judgement when driving or makes you more confident and alert

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Hello doggy

Thought this response was about grinding a horse and couldn’t imagine you working in an abattoir.


Just made my dog sad because I’m washing her various soft toys - she’s by the washing machine checking if they’re okay