Saturday thread for Saturday people



fuckkk that’s a view


Up and showered

Had a cheese and marmite hot cross bun with scrambled egg for breakfast. Very good, would recommend.

Going to walk out and about later, then maybe watch something soothing.


Two more job rejection letters yesterday so feeling a bit deflated as one looked like it was a really good role and fit. Getting up is hard.

Made my bbbq* sauce yesterday and Started marinating pork in it for me to make tomorrow.

Today I’ll be baking potato buns after lunch, and potentially some other prep for sides tomorrow.

*the extra b is for bourbbon

Shame this wasnt directly under @whiterussian 's post


Happy Saturday everyone! Look what arrived in the post today…


Jfc, doing lino prints requires much more shoulder strength than I remember

Struggling to get a “perfect” print but pretty happy with it

(@Witches … progress report)


That looks awesome.

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Birthday card for an ex diser. I meanz for the rest of time (until my ink runs out) thus is the card everyone everyone know is getting.

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You could get Junior to customise them.

They are already carefully customised by my grubby inky finger prints on the reverse

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Borrowed K’s hair.


Went to Stockport to cash a cheque. Bank closed. On my way back now

some text with a pale red background


I also have a cheque to cash. You know you can do it through the cash machine? Much less bother

I had no idea! Does it have to be a cash machine for the bank you use?

It’s from my grandma. I tried to cash it at the post office but they lost it so had to get another one. Bit awkward asking her to resend a birthday present!

I’m not sure. I’ve only ever done it using my own banks tbh. Apparently you can do it with your phone online too for some banks (going to look into this now and see if my bank allow it)

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