Saturday thread, I feel the air is getting hot

That’ll be the central heating then. Good morning! Hope you slept well and have lovely plans for the day? :blush:

Here’s your ever faithful :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:23 17:02 09:38:38 +3:49
Brighton 07:20 17:09 09:48:35 +3:32
Glasgow 07:51 17:11 09:20:20 +4:21
Manchester 07:36 17:10 09:34:39 +3:56
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:33 17:25 09:51:15 +3:28
Newcastle 07:38 17:03 09:25:50 +4:11
Cardiff 07:34 17:19 09:45:23 +3:38
Belfast 07:54 17:22 09:28:11 +4:07

No milestones today but there was definitely light poking around the corners of the blinds when I woke up this morning. Winter will be gone!



Been at work since 5.30. got myself a McDs brekkie (double sausage egg mcmuffin, 2 x hash browns, flat white). valentines flowers in with abundance this morning. Last day before a week off. Rugby and beer later, although I’ll be missing the decent match and watching a not so decent match


Morning all!

I’m up supervising The Child while she watches video on the tablet. We’re doing drama first and then driving straight to North Shields.

@rich-t - have you done your 6 Nations predictions yet?

The big one today. Palace v Brighton.

My friend who I used to go to football with but stopped mainly due to illness asked if I fancied meeting up for a drink beforehand in Crystal Palace or Penge, and he’d go home. He’d presumed the game had sold out, but I checked on Thursday and there was one ticket in the Holmesdale, so I grabbed him that. So he’s going too.

Hopefully I can try and talk him jnto getting a season ticket again, but I’m not hopeful. I guess it might be result dependant on today.


Youngest daughter had a sleepover last night (there’s four of them here). I think that they finally dropped off at about 1am. They were up at 6am.

I’m dead.

Just been up to check on them. I’ve been informed that they’re playing a game where three of them take a mouthful of water and hold it in their mouths, while the fourth tells a joke……


Ireland win - within 7pts
Scotland win - more than 7pts
Italy win - within 3pts

Not as confident about these as last week, but they’re all rational results


Morning. Somehow it’s just me in charge of Jimbo all day - something to do with half term apparently. I had a great plan that we were going cycle to a bookshop in Hove together, but somehow that’s not happening and I have to go to Soft Play? This isn’t what I signed up for. Why is soft play even a thing anymore when they’re seven?


London: the sun has risen


Need to get my white ass into town to pick up a valentines present.

Or two.

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Toaster is bost, so that’s an annoying start to the day.

Think we need to go to B+Q to get some decorating bits and pieces for next week.

Other than that, not much happening here. Dog walking and football watching.

Alright? In dubai. Working. Done one presentation, got another after lunch then a bit to camera as well.

Did a run and saw a hoopoe. Ate breakfast outside. Bit of warmth makes a big difference. Also saw a ferarri…


Morning sugarpies

Taking dog out, going to my nieces party :balloon: ( and helping organise as nephew is still ill but stable)

Then it’s drop V off for his ski trip, murders in building season 2, bit of wine and be asleep by half nine again

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Update : I don’t have to go! He’s being taken with his friend. Phew!


Would like to bring A into the city but the weather isn’t looking good. Gig later on but nothing planned before that.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

What a win!


I know - a complete turnaround in fortunes. I don’t even need to make lunch for him now! I reckon we might still go out this afternoon to the bookshop, but I’m not sure Jimbo will be up for cycling all the way there.

My megabus has been replaced by this absolute weapon. Looks like I’m going on a school trip/over 60s holiday to skegness. Surprisingly comfortable inside mind


Alright? Going out soon to meet my oldest pal for pub and football so that’s nice.


Morning, yet to move from bed and have started a new book (The Sentence by Louise Erdrich). Going to have a lazy morning but then meeting a friend for food, drinks and most importantly CRJ

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Are you on the apprentice?