Saturday thread if you like


having eggs for brekko, drinking coffee and watching frasier. standard.

gotta buy a present for my niece later but not sure what to get.

plans, etc?


going to meet a friend for a coffee later cos I’m an old man now!


I’m in bed listening to Stars of the Lid. Left the party before 23:30 last night so I’m feeling pretty fresh.


Drinking coffee at the moment. Don’t think I’m playing football and not sure I can be bothered with the gym.

Going to make Cuban sandwiches later I think.


In bed drinking coffee, bout to get up and pop down to the farmers market.
Bunch of folk coming round later for the rugby.

Hey eric I’m also buyin a present but for my wee nephew who turns 5 next week, not sure what to get either but I’ll probably buy him something really loud and irritating, his mum loves that :+1:


Solid plan. Ive got the niece some Frozen sunglasses but need to get something else. Will probably get sweets and a book or something.


Ye canny go wrong with frozen stuff


Morning guys. Working until 8:30 and won’t be home until at least 9:30 so just a quite evening in with a couple of beers and catching up on the rugby


^Glasgow regional manager for Iceland


Morning. Going to go to the Escher museum in a bit, then get a train to Amsterdam. Dunno what we’ll do when we get there, but probably not to go the gig that’s on because I actually listened to Surfer Blood the other day and Jesus Christ they’re the most boring band ever.


what we talking about here is this pulled pork and cheese and toasted?


Must admit when you said that i thought it was a bit odd you were going to a chillwave gig


Arrived back from Malaysia at 5:30am
This day feels so long and it’s not even 10am. I’m too tired to go do anything tho?


Pork cooked in sour orange juice with cheese and mustard and pickles.

If you’ve seen the advert for Twitter that Jon Faverau wrote and directed (Chef), they’re the sandwiches he makes in that.


wb meo!


sounds :100:
would push into face


how was the flight?




It was mega boring but actually went quite quickly despite not getting any sleep. I did watch the whole of Veep season 5 tho :+1:


Getting hair cut quite short today so I can give the air of consummate professionalism in my interviews this week. The cat was being really friendly, but then I realised she was just after some food.