Saturday thread if you like


The “it” being pizza and the “that way” cooked by me? :slight_smile:


if only I was that good looking!


Where’d you get that picture of me?!


You’re better looking than this chancer mate :kissing_heart:


:smiley: just jk ya plum


My granny turned 102 today and got this off the President of Ireland

Who's the oldest living (direct) relative of a DiSer

Such a sweetheart!


That’s awesome…I love Ireland.

Many happy returns to your gran.


Thanks man :slight_smile:


Tell me why…


The beer that I ordered - twice - to have with my dinner never showed up. I am literally livid.

Nearly left a shitty TripAdvisor review but thought, oh, what’s the point, it won’t make my beer arrive. They tried to charge me for it, too #holibobsruined


Like a red rag to a bull, that is!


Starting to feel ok. Irn bru and pizza.


Is EK the old firm “safe space” these days?


Cheers guys


fuckin’ hell jason molina had the best voice ever.


Fucking hate this essay, no Idea how i’m going to get 3000 words. I’ll hardly hit 2000 at this rate


Come on dis I’m staying in, so it’s up to you to entertain me, god know the tv isn’t gonna cut it.


sorry we’re all really boring


I ate a pizza an am now going to the cinema