Saturday Thread (incorporating the Evening Thread also.)


How are we all?



On my way to have a full day in the library to write part of an assignment + other things. :book: :pen_ballpoint:




Mornin team,
Bout to bio down to the farmers market for some stuff for breakfast.
Then train to Edinburgh for some shopping, mulled wine and dishoom. Sweet! :slight_smile:


Fucked :laughing:


Said the most middle class post today


Lopes! I’ve made hummus, I’m currently making middle eastern focaccia and I’ve then got two further dips to make as part of a mezze starter for tonight. I think I could give you a run for your money :wink:


Morning CCB, making lemonade?

Bit fuzzy but fine this morning. Going to grab a bite and guzzle down some coffee before heading into London.

I’m taking karaoke requests for later! Currently going to sing And She Was and Because the Night. Will probably tackle Common People again.


Haha good work ma man :slight_smile:


Excellent choices!!!


really depressed, what will cheer me up?


Off to get my crazy mane hacked off :slight_smile: wish me luck!


Ta :slight_smile:


Good luck Witches :slight_smile:


Well, when life gives you lemons (and sugar and soda water)…

That was for hummus though! Making a pistachio and feta dip, and a spicy tomato and pepper one.

Common People is the best karaoke song! Slay it, Wizard!


Witching you luck!

(So very sorry)


*best song.

Can’t think of a better pop song ever written to be honest.


Just found out literally all my belongings may have gone. Every volume of manga, every record, every k-pop CD, most of my books, my soft toys and childhood toys, half my clothes and shoes, nearly every letter/document/certificate, every memento and keepsake, nearly all my pre-digital photos, all my text books / university things. Thousands of pounds, my entire life, everything.

Because my mother, who insisted 80% of my stuff had to get moved out when selling the house, hasn’t made a single payment to the storage company in FIFTEEN MONTHS. Apparently there wasn’t even a contract?? Literally asked her about it every other week since we moved to be told that it was fine and we’d get pick it up when the new house had been sorted out more.

Maybe everything is fine and there’s just going to be an insane bill we’re somehow going to have to come up with the money for. But that seems a bit hopeful. They don’t even have an answer machine. Sending a letter by recorded delivery so maybe I’ll get to find out I’ve lost everything just in time for Christmas yay!

I could live with it if it was just ‘stuff’, sure it would have cost me thousands in all, and some of it is highly sentimental, but it’s all my personal and university things as well.

Idk it’s probably fine and I’m worrying for nothing, right? Please tell me I’m right.


Actually loled.


Good luck! Had my barnet trim yesterday - it wasn’t so bad :scissors: