Saturday thread of countrywide DiS MEATS


  • Hope all the @bikewankers have fun up in Sheffield, really quite gutted I couldn’t make it now.
  • Will yam on a haggis toastie in honour of the weegies and non-weegies attending the Glasgae do.

Wife is photographing a plaque unveiling in memory of Jo Cox at parliament today so got the flat to myself. Will most likely clean, grab some beers and then listen to some records.

What’re you on with?


About to drive back to Cambridge after finishing this poo, thanks for asking.


hello from sheffield

@rich-t and @plasticmike are cooking me breakfast. pretty good start to the day


Everyone vote in my meaty pole pls


Whey! What time’s the ride man?


Happy meats y’all


A wee bit hungover here after giddily dancing my arse off to some Talking Head(z) last night - @Witches buddies are a great bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

Would absolutely demolish a haggis toastie right about now!


You’re a product of your own environment!


Picture of the breakfast please!

Got a hangover so just watching Saturday Kitchen and regretting promising swimming and bike rides to the kids last night.


Morning!! there’s a load of metallers in my living room. I really want to get up drink tea and watch tv but I can’t until they shift :cry: all I can see is that haggis toasty, I am blind to any other food and it’s making me ravenous :tired_face:




Ha! Lovely stuff Bam. Why sofa king tire d? Big night?


Knackered. Need to go food shopping as well. Urgh.


:grinning: think I’ll put a few episodes of this away today, haven’t watched it in a long time.


I hate to do this to you but I’m about to pop out for one now :grin:


people are all excited about corbs headlining Glastonbury or whatever but look at this article John McD wrote FOUR YEARS AGO





Wayyyyy ahead of you :smile:

ALSO Why is there not a Deeney’s in Edinburgh?!