Saturday thread of countrywide DiS MEATS

You were in the pub watching glass don king strawberry, I get you. What did you think of Radiohead’s set?

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I’m sure it’ll be grand. Take some pics!

Also get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie or sausage roll.


Because London is the cultural appropriation capital of the UK.


Whats the route pn?

might be taking my nylon string guitar to the park this afternoon if it stays dry. Sounds lovely when played outside.

Don’t worry I won’t be playing it loud enough to be “that guy”

Dickhead. Wonder what kind of performance he put on in the end.

I wish I was going to the Glasgow Meat. Would love to go drinking with the Scottish DiS Team.

Going to a street festival in here in lieu of that. Will watch the football later too. Still broke as well, absolutely sick of waiting on invoices to come in.


Up a load of bastard hills and down again.

Sound like hard work. Should have gone to pays-bas.

Wish you were coming too!! :sob: :cry: :crying_cat_face:


Mr K will you answer my pm pls.

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So demanding

Someone was playing a keyboard in our park the other day, that was quite a thing

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Because Edinburgh IS deeneys!!

Oh shit! Sorry, will get on to you there!

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Instantly brought to mind:

It will happen someday! Sooner rather than later!

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Morning, off to buy trainers then Hotelier solo gig tonight, might go out out after

Pretty much, only he was sat under a tree