Saturday thread, quick

Hello all

How are you?

Any plans whatsoever?

Happy weekend, lovely DiS :slight_smile:


Hello c_c_b!

I’m okay, about to start work on the community support helpline the local authority I work for has set up.

No plans otherwise. Might finish a book or two, watch the Maradona documentary and continue house hunting online.

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I plan to be in bed after drinking and playing overwatch with friends last night and COMPLETELY OVER DOING IT

Yes - I STILL play Overwatch, Might play Euro Truck Sim after all the trucking chat… or install Sea of Thieves and sail solo (it itches the same itch)

Currently listening to Fiona Apple - may go to the shops and pick up some bread and garnish my basket with a tub of ben & jerrys

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Oh I got there before @tilty

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Morning ccb.
I’m hungry.

someone letting a fucking firework off woke me up a half hour ago.

gonna go for a walk round the park. maybe yoga first


animal crossing
bake a cake
watch devs

Are you expecting me to make you breakfast?

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Could I have the same please, but with coffee not Turmeric water?


I stayed up far too late. Idiot

Sure, I’ll make breakfast for you, @Gnometorious and anyone else :slight_smile:


Should I buy this?

  • Yes
  • No

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No, but we do call red onions ‘ronions’.

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Very kind of you to offer, yes please! :blush:

What cake you baking?

not sure - need to see what sort of sugar I have about. not sure we have any icing sugar :grimacing:

might make some blondies instead


nae plans

T&T (Tea and toast)
Might get a stew going

Just heard what I fully believe to be the worst song I’ve ever heard on the radio. Turns out it’s this

  • Yeah this is the lowest of the low
  • It’s shit but I’ve heard worse
  • I like it you idiot!

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