Saturday Thread - The Joy of Sofa

Morning all!

The Child let me sleep until almost 7 this morning. It is absolutely sickening that this feels like a lie in. She’s eating chocolate pillows and watching Samurai Bunny on Netflix.

Wor Lass is on call this weekend so I’m doing the drama run and Mcdonalds before my writing class.

We’ve also got new sofas arriving. I cannot wait to sit on a proper chair again.

I’m making bhan mi tonight which is always a treat.

What are you doing?


Up early cause of children crew checking in.

Meant to be going out early (2ish) for a mate’s birthday but the wife isn’t feeling great and the babysitter (her mum) also isn’t well so dunno what’s happening.

Got some sort of sonic cartoon on telly and the other one has an irritating cocomelon song on her tablet.

Where you getting your sofa from?

I think we went to Sofology in Paisley. It feels like it was about a year ago but it might have been mid-Feb.

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Not sure why I was up at half 6 but currently sat with the windows open so I can hear the birds, coffee and an unfinished crossword knocking around from a few weeks ago. Enjoying the quiet tbh.

Not many plans for the day but need to make a start in earnest turning the office/misc boxes room into something resembling a nursery.

Will probably find time for a walk, looks like it’s gonna be nice.


We also have a new sofa on the way but won’t have it for another month or so. I absolutely can’t wait, I’m going to nap on it so much.


Just packed eldest daughter off on her Duke of Edinburgh expedition weekend. 15km hike today, camping overnight (potentially in thunderstorms), and 15km walk back tomorrow. Her rucksack is bigger than her.

I’ll be spending the day trying to contain youngest daughter’s excitement about going to the womens FA cup final tomorrow; before meeting my mam for dinner and then going to see Kristin Hersh play in Canterbury.

Really just want to go back to bed TBH.


last day of being home alone but the plan is coffee + NHL highlights from last night, eggs and then a bike ride

Morning all!

Up with the dog. Irony is the kids don’t rise until lunch now.

Going to go down town for some exciting things like kids haircuts! Library! Toy shop! Buy milk!

Then it’s big walk to wear Billy out for BIG CUP :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Burgers for tea I think.

Happy sunshine day all X


Feeling shite. Yay weekend

Had a little swim, done a quick shop (but still need to do a proper one), thinking we might get some turf today and start putting it down

Or maybe just nap in the hammock


Urgh I am hungover! Had a very fun night seeing some bands with @rob.orch


8yo has her first gymnastics competition this morning, she & the TV left at 7:30am. Oof

Mother-in-law has her 78th birthday dinner later so, unless I can get one of the nephews to rudely turn the telly on, I am actually going to miss the FA Cup final & most of Eurovision. Double-triple oof

It’s grey, wet & cold & the cat didn’t come home this morning, she’s been out for about 12 hours - which isn’t a whole lot but is unusual for her and a bit of a worry given how the week started :disappointed_relieved:

Great Saturday :+1:t3:

Tried to sleep in. No dice.

Off on the piss in Huddersfield at lunchtime, might just try and get everyone to the grove and stay there all day

Ok. Literally as I posted that, look who showed up

That’s a relief


She’s fuming you’ve been talking about her on the internet there.


Got an 11-a-side friendly this morning. Then some cooking and cleaning. Then fa cup final. Then eurovision

Like everyone else has said, it’s a big day for massive cultural events on the telly, so I will also be staking out a position on the sofa and will be watching the DOTA 2 Stockholm Major all day.

Alright Basshunter