Saturday Thread - The Joy of Sofa

Spinal Tap has just started on BBC2

We are going to film club this tomorrow, if anyone else is interested

No, that’s Eurovision - easy mistake to make nowadays.


FA Cup Eurovision Day is over :sob:

Can’t believe hair doesn’t go grey then white

My stomach doesn’t feel right, got a bad feeling about this

Spent all day cleaning the spare room

Asked Mr Froglet if any of the stuff in there could be got rid of and he insisted it was all needed

Got all the stuff out of it, moved the furniture, vacuumed and steamed the carpet.

Got Mr Froglet to come and look through the stuff and it turned out about 80% of it was just empty boxes for various devices, and of the stuff that was actually stuff, half of it could in fact be got rid of

Found 3 chocolate bar wrappers, several small items of jewellery, a pair of socks and a pair of knickers all belonging to Mr Froglet’s friend who occupied the room for a few months about 7 years ago, so the deep clean was long overdue

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“simple as that” made me laugh for some reason

Morning everyone :wave:


That sounds like the spare room here. Had to redecorate it a few years ago after the roof leaked. All sorts of stuff under the bed from previous housemates when I moved it. Come back Tracey Emin, all is forgiven

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Was just reminiscing on how great Gina g was at Eurovision all those years ago.

check out that massive monitor on stage tho :laughing:

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