📆 Saturday thread: the preheatening 📆

How’s it going?
Up and fed/watered the cat. :black_cat:
Probably run then housework this morning. :man_running: :soap:
Lazy afternoon with the bike race. :biking_man:
Maybe film/board game :movie_camera: :jigsaw:

Tea is a mystery. My dearest partner has offered to cook whatever I’d like… but I’m having a total blank :neutral_face:

A mild 24 here today before the horror starts :hot_face:


It’s my birthday! :+1:

Got a fermentation kit for making sauerkraut and such from my lovely TV, so will be off to find some vegetables in a bit! Then lunch with my folks, and trying to get my tiny comrade a haircut. He says he wants one now, but we’ll see


Alright. Working 3-11 today, so not sure what to do with myself. Meant to be 27°c here today, but is a refrigerated box so that’s a perk I guess


Happy birthday

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Busy weekend here. School fair this afternoon. I’m doing a stint manning the stall where a teacher is put in stocks, and kids get to throw wet sponges at them. Might ask if I can have a go in the stocks to keep cool.

Youngest daughter and I are then going to watch Spain v Denmark in Brentford tonight.

Modest Mouse tomorrow night in Bexhill. I suspect it’s going to be the sweatiest gig that I’ve ever been to.


A very happy birthday @hexagram hope you have a lovely day. :grinning::+1:
Flying home today :weary: can’t complain too much have had a lovely time.
Gonna have a very chilled day when we get back.


Going to drive out to monsal trail in a bit and run up and down it.

Been booked in for some form of socialising later and I really can’t be arsed


Will there be any ice lollies / ice creams left at the supermarket

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but only choc ice and Fabs

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Happy birthday! :balloon:

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Happy birthday! :partying_face:

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Completely missed that Ivana Trump had died

Park run
Tidy/Clean a bit
Food (Burrito?)
Theatre (Underwood Lane)

Off to Derby for a gig later I reckon

HB! :partying_face:

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Good morning :wave:

And happy birthday @hexagram ! :birthday: :partying_face:

We’ve got the younger Cheekster’s birthday party today (slightly early because of school holidays etc) do the morning will be spent prepping for that. Then we’ve been invited to a friend’s house for early dinner, when really I’d rather just stay indoors and preserve coolness.



Not sure what I’m doing today tbh. Nothing planned and nothing that particularly needs to be done.

Father in law is coming to paint the kitchen ceiling but that won’t take too long.

Maybe a mooch about on my bike this afternoon.


Going to try and get all the very important things I need to get done today (priming miniatures for my pal’s D&D campaign) before it gets too hot, then siesta through the rest of the day.


Record Fair :cyclone:
Drinks with antenatal group :beers:
Interpol at Hackney Church :guitar:


Still on the 5.30am wake ups so very tired after getting back from the capital late last night

Solo parenting today so going to try and take the bubs swimming then… not sure really, go somewhere shady and let him roll around on the grass till bedtime?

HP BD @hexagram ! :cake:

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