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Morning all!

Saturday then. What does it hold for you? Did you sleep well? Is the sun shining where you are?

We’re off for a walk this morning. Few jobs to do this afternoon then pizza in front of the TV with the little’uns (I think tonight’s film choice is The Secret Life Of Pets). Sleep wasn’t amazing but the sun is shining :sunny:



Happy Saturday!



Been up since 6 playing and having breakfast with the kiddo. Getting ready for a train journey to Worthing and and afternoon of pub crawling with some ATDs I haven’t seen for a few months. Listened to this year’s Angelo de Augustine album and now got Bill Callahan Apocalypse on.

Very well, thanks.

It is currently, but meant to get wet later on.


Need the old Withervane


Morning CCB, Funkman, Rich, others!

Was gone a do some weights but seem to have hurt my shoulder somehow so best not. Probably do a big shop, and some mastering for upcoming Dis State releases. Maybe watch a film tonight.


Foggy AF

Alright CCB, was 25 and beautiful today, much better than 37! yesterday. Been reading, done a shop, just had a nap. Don’t like not being in the right timezone to watch the football at the weekend, feel so lost

I had a lovely time at the Keith Haring exhibition yesterday. I think I’ve decided Liverpool’s not actually that bad, I’m just grouchy and rude and southern.



Watching some bands at a Glad Cafe fundraiser.

OK thanks.[quote=“colon_closed_bracket, post:1, topic:42902”]
Is the sun shining where you are?

It’s been quite cold and bright all week and it seems the same this morning.

Nice quote, no quote

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Flying home from Tenerife. :cry: but get to see our silly little cat later, so that’s nice

Not too badly, thanks for asking. Interestingly, knowing that i had to get up early, 6am, i woke up a number of times and checked my phone for the time. This happened at 2:22, 4:44 and 5:55. So much fun

Yes, it’s a glorious morning, about 22 degrees already but we’re heading to a rain drenched Reading with highs of about 6.

Got 2 hours until our flight, but our transfer had us here a while back, so just sitting around for a while.


Good morning, see Avery’s post above for a comprehensive outline of our day.

What shall I choose for breakfast, from the following lacklustre options?

  • Burger King
  • Fry up at O’Learys pub
  • Probably quite dry baguette from Upper Crust
  • Pastry from Aero Gelato

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Thanks and have a lovely day everyone.

Good morning.

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Post house-party morning at ours - lots of empties to be recycled & tidying to be done, ideally before the hangover kicks in

The TV just dropped and smashed a bunch of wine glasses while taking them out of the dishwasher - that kind of a day

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Morning team

Just been for a 5k walk to go see a lighthouse down the roads on the way there beach on the way back. Now laying in front of a fan trying to cool down

Got a few hours it’s late 20s at night so it’s pretty hard work

Absolutely blazing 31c in Allepey in Kerala :india:


Morning. Slept in on this Saturday, up at 4:15am, ffs. Going to listen to some ambient records i reckon.


Morning everyone,

Last day in Newcastle, don’t want to go home :sob:

Today will mostly consist of a wee bit of clothes shopping, drinking nice coffee and beer.

First, hotel buffet breakfast. I’m thinking all the hash browns and sausages, beans. Sad there’s no haggis/black pudding.

Ooo also, to answer CCB, it’s very rainy and I slept well I think, though would obviously like to sleep a few hours longer. Thank you for asking :blush:

Guys, I miss Halloween.


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Considering catching up on the 1000+ posts in the politics thread since I last looked in

Or is it all knee puns and bee poems?

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