Saturday thread (unique thread name)

In work, hangover, standard.
Had a really weird night last night, bleurgh

Bit of both

NY has completely altered his sleeping schedule so that he matches our time zone


I am also that far behind. Will either sack it off or waste the entire evening reading it.

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Hi ccb & co

No massive plans beyond going to collect my prescription.

I went to bed too late and woke up too early, but at least got a solid block of sleep in the middle. Mildly frustrating that I woke up early when R slept in until almost 8 :confused:

It is sunny here and also misty, which is a combination I like.

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Having a lovely staycation in my sister’s room in utrecht. Its even less tidy than mine, there’s a phone in a bowl of rice and i think it’s been there for weeks



I’m just stretched out on the sofa while my son plays FIFA, need to get some brekkie

It’s looking cold but nice outside but met office say it’s going to piss it down soon so a bike ride isn’t happening

No plans this evening, can’t decide whether to try and get someone to go drinking with me (effort and I probably won’t succeed) or just stay in.

how was your dinner last night witches?


Someone bring me breakfast in bed, please?

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Weather says no
I says yes

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Yes! Very good thanks lopes. Though, the tv had the most hilariously small dessert ever. It was smaller than the amuse bouche. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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What’s her username?

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Zero plans, probably mess around with my new delay and try to find someone to watch some stuff with later. Happy with this turn of events as out most of tomorrow and been a busy sleepless week so far

going to see what Lidl is all about this morning!


Enjoy your new socket set and own-brand Twixes!


And lawnmower, smoothie maker and car repair kit

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Lazy saturday till early evening come along then meeting up with some friends i ain’t seen in ages, should be fun.

Need to get myself something for breakfast. :thinking:

Yeah im an early riser haha