SaTuRdAy ThReAd {{{{YaY HaVe FuN!}}}}


WhAt’S Up DuDe’s AnD DuDeTtEs?

typing like that is hard work!

Had a dream last night that Jeremy Corbyn murdered someone in a psychopathic rage and everyone was like “see I told you he wasn’t to be trusted!” then I still defended him for some reason and then pretended to be him in a chat room. Not my finest hour!

Might have a jam with a friend later today, we’ll see.

Have a great one whatever you are doing x


hey bammers, that dream sounds nuts. i took melatonin and benadryl to sleep and also had some weird dreams, one about my sister and her husband redesigning a supermarket. but i actually slept through for the most part, so that was excellent. i changed my medication recently and have been having problems sleeping and it’s weird being so awake in the mornings.

i’m going for an eye test!! it’s my first one in about 8 years, and i know i can’t see properly so i’m hoping that it will sort out all my problems with headaches and concentration and getting tired and not being able to see and stuff. it will, right? this will be the answer to all my problems, right?

will probably watch the rest of bojack

then mr gp gets back from SF tonight, yay :slight_smile: <3


Ah that’s good, glad you’re sleeping better.

fingers crossed for you and your eyes! I haven’t been to an opticians since i was a kid, probably a bad idea but I can’t be bothered to worry about my healthy anymore, I can see pretty good so whatevs, right?


I’m feeling pretty shitty. I had night shifts on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I’m on a 9am to 5:30pm now. Last night I went to Alvvays and then a leaving do for an ex-workmate. A bit tired currently.

Anyway, on the positive today should be an easy day at work and then I’ve The Magnetic Fields at The Barbican. I’ll sneak in some wine and so looking forward to their stuff after a long week whilst sat down and getting drunk.

Have a fun Saturday everyone.


I’m off to play in a 7-a-side football tourney with my partner’s colleagues at audible… language doesn’t matter in football right


well gigs are always fun right? You’ll have a smashing time tonight no doubt


the audiobook people? that’s cool!

You can be the handsome exotic British person right?


Yup exactly!

Ha, sure what I make up for in lack of football and German skills…


don’t most German people speak English anyway? They’re probably happy to practice their skillz with you.


Yeah tbh I know for a fact they do because it’s officially both a German/English speaking office. It’s just whether they want to :wink:


mate, you’re basically a celeb right? Rockstar musician from the glamourous UK.

Believe in yourself <3


No thanks sure how glamorous the UK is rn but thanks all the same :slightly_smiling_face:




Steck es in die zwiebeltasche


Just need to learn the German for reducer then you’re sorted




Those fancy continental sorts won’t know what’s hit 'em


yeah i mean… you should probably go and get them checked just in case, apparently eye problems can signal other health problems too or something, idk. i pretty much know i will need glasses/contacts, i’m just interested to see how bad my eyes actually are.




i used to work shifts and now i can’t even fathom how i ever did it

i mean my schedule isn’t exactly regular now but everything is between 8:30 - 21:00 at least

hope you feel better soon