Saturday Thread


Wake up bozos

A good night last night - pints with a new pal. Then late night action film watching with the mrs and her step brother. Life is solid.

How you?


What film did you watch?


Was supposed to be golfing at gleneagles today but it’s been snowed off. Booooo.
Dunno now, might go make something nice for breakfast and get the papers, pretty miserable day out


Hey xylo, going to do some diy work today. My wardrobe is one of those ones built into the wall and Ive taken out the doors shelves and rail, put in a set of drawers and I want to build some shelves and use a u shaped rail painted gold. Have 2 great posters I want to put up too, a big botanical drawings one and a Japanese painting from the art museum in Boston (nobody in my family has ever been to Boston but I found it in the house?? Great poster tho)


I went and revisited Raid 2. Soon the lead from that will be appearing in a film called Headshot that looks utterly great, so I wanted to get my head back in the game.

Raid 2 is still arguably the greatest action film ever made IMO.


Is it thick snow where you are?


Is it really better than the first Raid?!


Can you take progress photos and add them here pls. Good luck with DIYing today!


Sounds productive! Who’s the painting by?


Raid 2 is totally ridiculous but brilliant as well.

Big fan of the first one though.


Gooooooood morning


Gonna wash myself clean then go see some art; darling

Ryan Adams on BBC 1 :expressionless:


Depends who you ask - very different kind of film. I loved Raid btw, LOVED. It was an Aliens for an audience who wanted something more real but threw in some Eastern ‘boss fights’ and set pieces. Basically didn’t slow down for an hour and a half and felt good for it.

Raid 2 is pretty much a martial arts/action version of The Departed. It has enough time to allow for magnificent changes in pace. It has two lead males being fully superb - the crime family’s son is in particular almost perfect as a ‘baddie’ you’re really excited to watch die pretty much from the first instant.

It culminates in some of the best fight scenes committed to cinema. The kitchen scene needs some kind of award invented for it alone. Everything is spectacular but crucially nothing is impossible so it packs an extra bite over the more mystical martial arts stuff.

But yeah. I love the sequel dearly and think it was ambitious considering what it was following, and still nailed it.


Morning Xylo, Lo-Pan & Jazzballet,

Feeling slightly sick after last nights pizza but generally feeling A-okay! Got me date later wish me luck…


:grin: A DATE!
Good luck




Morning, my wrist feels a bit better, which is good.

On cover all weekend, might re-watch the Fargo series in-between doing stuff. Oh, and the KRAUSE album turned up today, so going to blast that bad boy. #RIFFSMATE.


I mean the Raid is without question in the Top 10 martial arts films in history I reckon. Feels like we’ve reached a golden age


Haha for once it wasn’t a typo! :smile:


Thanks! I haven’t undone the shutters and curtains yet so it’s dark haha. Very blank space to work with!



all day I will be listening to Dinosaur Jr and Nada Surf