Saturday Thread


Off to band pracco. Not doing much else this weekend but might go for a nice walk or something.

Plans etc?


Not moving a muscle until I get at least three voters in my poll in the hip hop thread over on the ol music board.


Hip hop threads are the music board equivalent of corbyn threads on social. I’m steering well clear.


Thanks for starting this EIV - I struggled with a catchy introductory hook.

First day of spring break (whoop!) so playing football and then drinking booze and playing games for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow will be similar except for a Sunday roast and no football (although possibly a run if I’m feeling fit.)


There’s a poll now?


Huuuungover. At least I didn’t take anything else last night. Gonna watch Liverpool match, do some shopping, then going out for a big meal with a load of pals later


going out to play with my new bike computer (@zxcvbnm) then dunno. tidy the flat a bit I guess. dinner with an ATD later possibly.


Hello world, hello DiS,
None of your busi-NiS.


So far I’ve woken up for a bit, gone back to sleep, then woken up again.

I’ll keep you posted on any future developments.


Hanging out with this wonderful dog this morning.


Went to Sheffield and got preeeetttty drunk. Going to play some board games at 1 then properly sorting my house out. Looking forward to it :pensive:


Have to go to uni for exam prep for German.


Am in London. I waved at @shucks on the way!


need to start studying all day and keep off dis. if anyone sees me on here telll me to fuck off.


good luck and have a nice day!


Viel Glück!




UPDATE: there is a black squirrel in my garden.


you sure it’s not a rat?


Down with this