Saturday thread

Good morning weekend crew. What ya got going on today?

Was supposed to be working but im not anymore, not sure what to do. Currently watching frasier and wife’s making pancakes.

morning mate!

Think I might be playing tennis later but the weather looks a little sketchy right now.

Good Morning. I AM in work, until 6pm. Sambucca was a bad idea. Doubt I’ll get anything done, going to a gig in the Montague Arms afterwards too.

Listening to the new Feist record, it’s very good so far.
And I’ve got coffee and a book and the marvels of the internet/English Premiership to tide me over.


Driving to Edinburgh to deliver Wor Lass to her baby shower.

Meeting my mother and sister for lunch beforehand and probably coffee with my brother during.

Would quite like some peace so I can complete my job application, mark essays and play Witcher3. No chance of that until tomorrow.

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Good morning, I’m in between work trips up north so I’m spending the weekend in the Peak District. Lovely bunch of hills.

Managed to mess up spectacularly last night, finally went to see Get Out at the cinema and got about 10 min in then suddenly realised that my next guesthouse was about 90 min away and they probably wouldn’t appreciate me checking at 11pm. Quick check of the website on my phone and I was out of there, probably the only time I’ve walked out of a film and I did it during a part where there was lots of swearing and n-words, probably looked like a right prude.

Just had a nice breakfast and will go out to walk some peaks in a bit. Probably going for a bike ride tomorrow.

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Gotta pay three rents this month and go to Ireland over the bank holiday. I will not be doing much this weekend

Aw bless him one of the web dev’s just come in. Better put some trousers on then.

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I thought i saw Nick Zinner during Gorillaz on tv last night

Sounds amazing. I should get a job where i need to travel.

I’m really tired. No plans, so I’ll just obsess over changing 1-2 cards in my penoid decks for tomorrow’s tournament all day then have an early night.

Working this weekend :frowning:
Currently watching Frasier… they’ve gone back to the start again…
Gonna watch some rugby then drive to work.

Really hurt my back, spending the day laying on the hard floor, projector on. Just watched the American Gods episode that’s out. Probably going to do that thing I did with preacher where I’m interested only intheory and resent having to watch the series but don’t stop. As in housebound, bought Mk8 to entertain me. I’m so old.

Throwing bubs a party today in the garden so of course it’s cloudy and windy. Need to move some big picnic benches somehow whilst holding her. Up cooking things for it now - I actually painted my kitchen too in preparation for new people seeing my flat. Oooo I do love party planning.

Please sun, come out.


Meeting this girl person I’m seeing later, gonna go to the Wolfgang Tillmans thing at Tate Modern and have a gander at the new bit as I haven’t seen it yet. I hope you can still see into those flats from it. Then I’m making her FAJITAS and if it goes well I will pop the question (about us going steady).


Pure Comedy probably is better than Honeybear, on reflection.


Spending today doing stuff I’ve not had time to do in months: getting my bike fixed, getting quotes from electricians for stuff that needs sitting in the flat, selling an old TV that came with the flat etc. Husband is making me cooked breakfast as I’ve been a fucking great wife this week quite frankly

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toast with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, freshly ground coffee


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Sorry xylo but this reads like you’ve married a child.


I need to buy some new trousers. Prob go into angel and have a burrito for lunch.

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He already said man, burrito shop.