Saturday thread


Morning all. Avocado on toast to start the day, signing off my right to ever owning a home in the process.

Horrible night’s sleep, woke up absolutely sweating my tits off a couple of times feeling really panicked over odd dreams.

What’s everyone up to?


I slept quite well for the second time in seven days. I think the weather is cooling down.

No plans for fun at all today.



Had too much shisha last night. throat is shredded.

today i’m working, but tonight and tomorrow is gonna be me cooking some (i hope) absolutely amazing food for my wife and my cousin and his gf. mowing the lawn is off coz it’s sodden


Morning all.

Quite good examination of how vacuous that statement was here

My dad’s doing half an hour in this Manchester Marathon Match this afternoon, so going to watch him with my brother. Couple of beers afterwards.


just having a couple of slices of sourdough with sunflower spread. heaven. Pride today but I don’t think I have time.


Just about to tee off at gleneagles.


Spose I should pack really


I’m working till half two.
Cheese, wine and football tonight.


Still in bed, got a cuppa on the go. Might buy some new albums.


Three-day weekend here as Monday is a public holiday, which is great on the face of it but just means an extra day of everything being shut.

Might walk into town and look at the shops, probably buy some chocolate to take to my dad for fathers’ day and pick up a couple of beers to have tonight.


Field Day! Weather looks beaut, gonna nip to the pub in 20 and get started.


Quick training session at the wall then off to Tommy Banks’ restaurant for a treat via a walk in the yorkshire moors. Strong day ahead.


Morning all. Sweating my bollocks off here in the apartment. Might go get a McDonald’s for breakfast as a treat.

Festival has been great and there’s so much left to do. I fucking love Primavera.


Hello blobby cee.

Just having a coffee in between mowing the front and back lawns. Already done a hand-wash of some cycling caps.

Today is admin day you see. After the lawn is: laundry, bedroom DIY, bikecleaning. Urgh.


Morning all :slight_smile:

Going to take the children to some family fun day thing in a bit, maybe get lunch somewhere, then I’m cooking for some friends this evening. Trying Malaysian for the first time :slight_smile:


This whole paragraph reads like a stack of BANNED ACTS.


Been out for a run and about to set off for a week in Cornwall. Supposed to be a summer holiday but the weather forecast looks so bad I’m just packing my normal clothes.


Boys are due back from my mum’s any minute, making most of it by watching Saturday Kitchen in peace .

Had poached egg and mushrooms on toast for breakfast.

No plans for today, might take kids on a bike ride if they are up for it.


Oh FAO @scout - this was in Mrs CCB’s magazine :slight_smile:


You gonna check out my set?