Saturday thread

Moving flat today which will be a total ball ache and probs won’t get to watch any football :cry::cry::cry:


Heyooo. Hope your move goes ok.

Im gonna be watching football, rugby league, more football then off out for Vietnamese food then pub.

Gonna make a raspberry cheesecake this morning too I think

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Sounds bollocks, Severed. Finished in time for MoTD I hope. Moving to a better place?

Been cleaning all day ahead of my mother coming to stay tomorrow. Weird feeling of satisfaction at having cleared some crap up.

Off out to a m9’s club night called Atomic, mix of new wave, post punk, eighties pop - sorta Ramones through Talking Heads, Joy Division, New Order, Smiths, Madonna, a-ha, Pixies. Should be fun.

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Smashing some coffee and reading before work.
Review of a London restaurant gone full Nathan Barley in today’s Guardian

Def nicer place (and not too far away) but don’t think I’ll have Internet (and therefore TV!) for a couple days. We’ll see if it works later

back from holiday last night. boo urns. today will be mainly be football, left over pizza from last night and a metric fuckton of laundry. then pub with an ATD who’s moving to Whitby for a year before he moves to Switzerland.
well tired.

Care free cunts the lot of ye


I’m up early for a couple of builders to give us some quotes. Really can’t be arsed and want to stay in bed.

Later I’m going around a friends for dinner and board games.

Oh and I probably won’t pay much attention to the football. Will Palace ever score a goal?

Building a nano blocks guitar with my son, food shopping, then off to Peterborough to see @shucks @epimer and @sadpunk - we’re off drinking with the Posh ultras. Oi oi!


To your last bit, probs not, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Top meating last night, absolutely dying this morning. Got to pack so much stuff in prep for moving on Monday :cry: I just want to stay in bed.

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Got wrecked. Supposed to be in the studio recording vocals today but i can barely speak from shouting and smoking all eve :disappointed: dont feel great tbh.


GBOL though obviously

Oh how I wish we still had Cameron Jerome.

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: The only way to have a friend is to be one. — Ralph Emerson

there you go m9

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Ohhh Cameron Jeroooome. (I’m not sure you do tbh)

At least he put a shift in and tried.

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