Saturday Thread

What’s happenin’?

Feeling quite fuzzy but am treating it with coffee so should be reet. Going to my studio in a bit.

Sup wi’yoo?

On my way to Manchester ain’t I

Still pretty ill, should really have waited to get better to travel but I am on the train now. Taken some immodium so hopefully I’ll be ok.

Motivation to decorate is low. It’s not even the painting, it’s the moving of EVERYTHING out of the room :unamused:

Edit: hello :wave:

Going out with the boy. Park, little train :steam_locomotive:, soft play, happy meal, various other hellish places

Morning eric, jordo, unlucky, M_w_t, I_O_S, wonton.

It’s a grey day here. Got a lot on my plate today. My cousin is staying with me and I’m trying to figure out something to do with her this afternoon. I’m nearly ten years older than her so I’m having a hard time figuring that out.

Meeting the TV for lunch to introduce the two and we’ll all probably go to a gig later but it’s the hours in between I’m a bit lost about.


I am…

  1. Having a big pot of coffee
  2. Driving to Lincoln to do some wedding food tasting :smile:
  3. Phoning RAC to come put my spare wheel on (different car)
  4. Taking my cat to the vet
  5. Going out for food for a friend’s birthday
  6. Driving to North Yorkshire to dog-sit for my parents

Then I’ll just do nothing for the rest of October

Morning to you bright young things, and ericIV

Just travelling down to Portsmouth for a BEER FESTIVAL! Then will probably have a couple afterwards watching some rugby, so a whole day of drinking really. Woke early this morning and watched Matilda, which was lovely.

I wish. She doesn’t really drink, so more power to her for that. I’m going to have to up my game here, really think of something decent to do.

Groomsman at my brother’s wedding today. Thankfully don’t have to do much.

Don’t tend to drink extensively with the family usually so this’ll be a new experience


I’m out of suggestions


Surprisingly light of limb considering a fair amount of beer and rum and curry last night.

Watching some old films this morning, putting off a haircut until Tuesda, I think - then to football and meeting @TheBarbieMovie2023. Having to swerve the Meat this evening for family reasons sadly :frowning:


Good luck boss, hope the day goes well and that you don’t end up doing kneeslides across the dancefloor after a feed of Guinness and whiskey.

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morning. I’m up here

it’s nice but there’s no coffee which is a bit of a disaster

first day of being in norway that it’s actually stopped raining


Pretty fucking chuffed with myself for finally running 5k under 30 mins. It’s been my goal for about 6 years.

Meeting up with my all time dog for Mildred’s lunch and shopping and ice cream


How little is this little train?

At least they’ve all seen the pictures of the last wedding I was groomsman at