Saturday thread


Bit if a nothingy day today eh? Im going to see my family but cant really be cba tbh. Feels like christmas is over already.



Morning! Having my friend Christmas thing today, we always do a secret Santa and eat loads of food. They’re all really good and open minded about vegan food which is so nice because I feel bad making people go out of their way for me. My best ever friend is getting married next week and I still haven’t got her present, I really want to do a hamper type gift with stuff she loves from the UK (she will be living in Europe). So far I’ve got rik mayalls book and a history book about her home city and some snacks. Also a daft framed picture of us that I fully expect her to put up in her new house even though we look like actual creeps in it :rofl: if anyone has ideas for nice wedding presents pls tell me because I’m not good at this


That sounds like a good fun wedding present to me!


Full of head cold.

Watched the entirety of Black Mirror S4 in one sitting last night, and the beginning of Dark.

Off to get the bairns in half an hour - day full of lounging around, lego, cleaning out the hamster, mosaic making and TV watching ahead. Going to try and keep things as low key and cheap as possible.


Thank you! I hope she likes it and doesn’t have any of it already haha


Played the gig with Hags last night, absolutely marmalised the place. I don’t think we ever played better, or as fast. Felt like we turned into a hardcore band at one point.

Just going to lie here for hours now. I’m so fucking tired. Have to collect all the gear later but that’s six o’clock Kallgeese’s problem.

Just realised while typing this that I have to do artwork for the new MueseuM album. FUUUUUCK


Morning everyone - having a coffee and listening to Tusk

I also had a black mirror binge last night, loved it.

Got some boring shit to get on with today - not sure how much of it is going to get done TBH


Heading back to Scotland today. Currently en route to the airport listening to Pond with my dad


Stayed up late and polished off a bottle of wine and watched a shit film. Just had blueberry pancakes and drinking tea out of our Twin Peaks mug. Might head into Southampton in a while, but can’t face to crowds and have 0 monies. Pizza for tea


Meant to be out cycling but sacked it off because I slept terribly. Instead I’m going to drink a fuck load of coffee cos I got a new coffee grinder :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Need to do a Big Shop and just chill, maybe watch Black Mirror or something.


oh my god I think I’ve just received a bunch of goodies from @laelfy!

Going to do a video “unboxing” in a bit. Well exciting :smiley:


I think I went a little overboard😮


oh man you’re gonna make me feel well guilty!


Morning all!

I’ve got my ATD Xmas meal and drinks tonight - it’s the reason we didn’t go home on Wednesday so it better be good.

I had some ATD pints last night which I feel I’m suffering for now. I tried to carry four pints from the bar but managed to cover myself in beer and only safely deliver three of them. Sack the juggler etc.


… and uncle visiting to pick up :rabbit2:


Been up to Fitzroy, had a great dark and stormy.

Finding myself very irritable


Sweet! Will be in from 11.

Haven’t fed the hare yet. Shall I?


Bought myself a selection of Christmas presents earlier…

Now binge watching The Deuce, because television will have to be my life for a while.


Um… don’t worry about it. Will feed when I get him home


Nothing at all planned today and I’m home alone until tomorrow.

Might watch all of the latest series of Black Mirror.