Saturday Thread

Morning/Evening DiS

Eventually kind of sorted my flights out with emirates. After much pestering and refusing to go via my agents/asking to speaking to managers.

Though bumped me to a flight 2 hours or so later without explicitly telling me so have a silly amount of time to kill at the airport. After arriving early just in case of any other cock ups. Also means it’ll be late tomorrow when I get back when I will need loads of sleep. But at least I’ll get home eh

There’s a Cooper’s Alehouse so gonna try most of those and hope they make me sleepy.

What’s everyone else up to?

Up early to do the cats medication. Might go back to bed for an hour.

Nothing really planned today.

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Whats up with the cat? Hope it gets well soon. Whats it name?

Should make some plans.

Think I might treat myself to a bottle of something from duty free.

Gizmo, he’s got a heart and lung condition, which means he needs meds twice a day, 7am and 7pm.

I’m tempted to go to my local Everyman cinema which has been refurbished, but they’ve put the prices up to £14.

Have a safe flight.

Why did I book a haircut for 9.30. I want to use the sleep.

I have a full on cold
I’m not happy about this at all.

Get well soon. Keep well rested.

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Made an error, thought there was another Cooper’s after security but there is not.

Should really use the time to read my book but can’t really be bothered.

I go to New York on Thursday! I hope it’s gone by then :sob::sob::sob:

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Oooh, check out mr fancy dan,booking his haircut! Just turn up at the barbers and wait around for 40 mins like the rest of us!

Is there even anything decent at the flicks at the moment?

I still ‘need’ to see Star Wars

You must be going to a fancy dan barber if you’re waiting 40 mins.

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Sat watching CBeebies with the lads!
Currently watching a show called Biggleton, which is about a group of small children abandoned in a small town with the no adults and left with the running of the place. Think it’s some sort of post apocalyptic mad max style world

Exciting! I’m sure you’ll be fine. Are you going anywhere else in the US? (Obviously New York is massive so probaby enough for 1 holiday)

Just going to New York for a few days then I have to go to work in Jersey City for a few days after that.
Excited though!!

This reminded me of when I used to get the coach from leeds to manchester a bit when I was younger…it used to stop at a place called ‘Chadderton’ and there always used to be loads of kids kicking about and not many adults and me and a friend used to joke that the kids were in charge there.

Got a list of Stuff To Do. First: coffee. Already had some crumpets with peanut butter.

Clean bike
Iron curtains :expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless:
Buy paint, screws, wall plugs
Sort tomorrow’s route
Make a pie?

Ah that sounds great. What you most looking forward to doing?

Morning all. Got a foodbank strategy / planning meeting this morning which is obviously very important to me etc etc. Might take the eldest to the football this afternoon, though it’s a cold day. Oh and I’m going to have a go at making pasta tonight! In Master of None style, I have a pasta machine that’s been sitting in its box since I got it the Christmas before last.

What am I, some kind of peasant?

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