Saturday thread

Whats up?
Gonna run, eat pizza then go watch deer hunter and unknown mortal orchestra.

Lots of football I’m missing out on. Hopefully catch most of the giro though.

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Making a cuppa and a round of bacon sandwiches. Off to the hospital in an hour for induction and baby birthing today. Damn.


Just made a cake.

Just listening to

While playing with my daughter

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The supp, I mean, breakfast


It’s so early, the TV won’t be awake for probably another two hours.

Gonna make the most of this me-time and catch up on Jersey Shore.

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about to go to bed :sleeping:

Looks like you’ve got a massive wok of porridge. Which I approve of.

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Was feeling a bit anxious. Then had a look at the Irish exit poll and feel loads better.

Heading through to Edinburgh this aft for Wahaca and craft beer festival. Literally nowt to do until then. Unsure what the football watching situation is at this festival.


Had a huge wave of relief and happiness waking up and reading the exit poll results. Lazy morning of pottering ahead, then a wedding party this afternoon/evening. Probably going to treat myself to a long bath beforehand with face mask etc. :massage_woman:t3:‍♀️


Waiting on the referendum results. This could be one of the best days in Irish history.


Off down the mines. They’ve changed the train timetable so I’m going to have to leave earlier.

Morning folks! Decent sleep for the first time in ages, looks like fantastic news coming out of Ireland, all I can hear is birds chirping away instead of traffic and shouting. We’ve no internet yet so I’ll have to go to the pub to watch the game later. Life is nice this morning, just need to take all our possessions out of boxes now!


Won’t you have to wait a while if counting only starts at 9?

Exit poll says 69%? If it’s 70 or over I win £40. Exciting day ahead!

Yep. Would expect a result around four or five o’clock.

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You could be waiting on that £40! Stunned that it’s this high.

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@rich-t hope everything goes smoothly today and your wee baby-t is as beautiful as you and it’s mum!

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Morning champs. We’ve all been stung by exit polls before but genuinely quite relieved checking again this morning. Lot of irish family on my wife’s side so we’ve woken up to a lot of messages on her phone, it’s quite lovely.

Got a couple pf m9s coming up from Brighton to see us today so just gonna go for some food at Venn Street Market and then sit on Clapham Common with a few drinks for the rest of the arvo before the big game tonight. Gonna have to join the in-laws and try and get behind Liverpool :face_vomiting:

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