Saturday Thread

Morning all!

What’s for breakfast? Any exciting plans for the day?

There’s pain au chocolate in the cupboard but they’re waiting until the other half gets up, and she didn’t roll in until nearly 2am, so I’ll be waiting a while.

Got a photo shoot this morning so hoping the clouds clear a bit for that.

Travelodge breakfast doesn’t start until 8, which is quite frankly outrageous, so I’ve got time to decide if I’m going unlimited full English, or sticking with unlimited Continental. Not that hungry, so probably going with the latter.

Will be playing in a Netrunner tournament all day, so no.

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Been on the train since 5:26 :expressionless:

Only another 25 minutes at least.

Breakfast is just a bowl of cheerios for now but after I get back from feeding both my parents and sisters cats I’ll have a cooked breakfast at the cafe.

Then I’ll be heading to a beer festival.

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Morning rob & co
Had yogurt and granola for brekkie.
Driving down to Bristol later for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

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Someone got on the train at Grantham (I think), looked at a ticket on a seat and asked their friend if we’d already passed Durham :man_facepalming:


These croissants are stale. Unbelievable.

My mum is here. Gonna go cafe with her and kids. Then BBQ at my bosses house.

You taking your mum along?


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Morning all.

Cooked a vege biryani for dinner, then gonna watch the Shape of Water. Haven’t left the house all day, go me :slight_smile:

Great night with a bunch of strangers from the internet last night. Brilliant to briefly meet @laika and @burninginstructer

Breakfast was Fruit N Fibre with an obscene amount of sugar.

Out to play golf now!



was going to climb up a hill today but as it turns out i can’t actually be bothered


Next doors’ baby woke me up at like 5am so I’m slightly cranky as I was gonna go go a lil bike ride but cba now.

Gonna get up and have breakfast (2 bits of toast with peanut butter, followed by yogurt and blueberries, washed down with cold brew), read a bit, maybe go to the garden centre for some houseplants.

Going to hang some pictures later and go to IKEA this evening. Solid Saturday :ok_hand:

Cba solidarity :facepunch:


Woke up early to take bf to golf so I can use the car today to go to pets at home to buy litter.

That’s as exciting as it gets today I’m afraid. Can’t even be arsed to go gym!

Edit: breakfast was one slice of peanut butter toast. I have to get my bf to cut it for me cause otherwise I squash the bread.

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c really ba with this tournament today either, but I’m here now and what the fuck else am I going to do on the outskirts of Derby?


Morning all. Beanz on for breakfast (let’s not), then work all day :pensive:

Will be fine though. Flatmates are away so gonna drink some nice red wine in the bath tonight and listen to some bangers tonight, love having the place to myself.




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Ignore the tourney, stay in your room chatting on DiS and ordering room service, imo.