Saturday Thread


Are you ok? What happened?


Morning :wave:

Breakfast was a big apple bun bough from a nice bakery yesterday, they were about to close so gave us extras for free and I had an apricot one last night which was :ok_hand:

Going to mooch around the town a bit and then go for the beach after. It is really, really bright out so I am about to slather on a bunch of factor 50.

Had a wake up call from R which was quite nice, if a little confusing. Didn’t sleep particularly well due to a rubbish pillow, car noise, seagull noise and insubstantial window dressing (I am used to having a blackout blind at home).


Right. There’s being horribly wrong and then there’s going after baked beans.


Probably just a bad ankle sprain. Hope so anyway.


We’re at the in-laws. Most of our shit is in their garage, but we’ve converted their dining room into a living room for the two of us.

It’s day 4 of living there and it’s largely fine. Just a few persistent, low level irks, which I’ll be posting in the ‘mildly irked’ thread some day soon…





pretty big kitchens and bathrooms showroom here, tbf


Alison Brie
Brie Larson

How am I supposed to keep up??

Edit : and brie as a goth of course.


Drew bries


Cornish Brie


Morning all! Introducing my GF to my parents at lunch. Can’t tell who’s more nervous, her or my Mam.

Off to pick out furniture afterwards, then to feed my friends’ cats, then out to a gig later! Settling into a nice weekend rhythm these days.


drew bees?!


Just up.

Yesterday was a very boozy day indeed.
Bumped into a pal I haven’t seen in a few years who looks very much like Brendan Fraser.

Perhaps a Bloody Mary is in order! :thinking:


Every morning for breakfast my housemate dunks half a large packet of custard creams, so 17 biscuits, into a pint glass of cold mint tea.

It ruins my day.




It’s now ruined my day


we’re at my aunt’s house somewhere near whitchurch. we’ve brought the dog because my aunt’s dog is her mum:


Hey all,

I first got up at 7 to give the one cat her insulin shot and then get them both breakfast. Went back to bed, they woke me up around 12 so I would get up and give them lunch. (Because the one cat is diabetic, they get fed several times a day.)

Didn’t really feel like any proper food, so just eating some grapes and drinking some juice. Trying to get a lot more done on my Pocahontas article today. Going back home tomorrow, then leaving for the High North on Tuesday!


i like how the cats have very strict dietary requirements and you get whatever is left. couple of grapes? guess that’ll do