Saturday thread


Hello. I’m awake before hotel breakfast starts, and that’s annoying. You know what else is annoying? Now that I’ve looked at it properly I’ve realised that the hairdresser yesterday just gave me an approximation of his own haircut instead of what I asked for. It’s going to take months to grow back out.

Anyway, I’m off to sunny Lanark later to play Netrunner, and then I’m going to stay at my mum’s. Tomorrow I will see my nieces :blush:

What are you doing?


Morning Dr.
Eating some cherry wheat, gunna go for a bike ride then maybe get a haircut before picking my brother up from the station and sorting the house out/finishing cooking for our housewarming


Also really really happy about this article that’s been posted about the fan continuation of Netrunner:


Took me a minute. I need more coffee.


Morning both. It’s (one of) the best times of the year: film festival time. Just the six films over Friday-Sunday, say a sweet documentary on Yayoi Kusama and a German film with the female lead from Toni Erdmann. Both pretty good. Quiet evening, probably watch Wellington lose their rugby semi-final.

Good luck for the tourney, @Epimer.


Can’t decide on a final card, so I’m leaving it up to you.

  • Too Big To Fail
  • Preemptive Action

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Preemptive is the sensible choice, but the other one will make me think of Peep Show every time I draw it.


You know we’re all getting old when there’s seven replies on a morning thread on a Saturday before 7am

My word


Anyway. Today:

Go to post office to pick up parcel
Aldi shop


Breezy, mainly dry after morning showers. Much less hot.

This forecast summary is making me happy.


Alright. On the late again. Nothing to add. Bye


I’m awake, wtf. Jetlag innit. Can hear my sister and her husband chatting. Does this mean it’s time to get up? Might wait for 30 min.

Took an ambien last night and must have gotten up, closed the window and the curtains at some point. zero recollection of this.

Today I am going to the bank to sort out my finances (seriously hoping there’s money in there) and then going to a river festival.



I think… I think… I’m not entirely sure, but I think I slept through the night?



Leaving now, so having to use the Peep Show reference as a tiebreaker.


Certainly feels fresher today. The wind!!!

I’m also making a hot coffee at home for the first time in about a month :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Morning all. Off to a wedding today, c really b a. Which tie shall I wear?

  • Classic pink one
  • Trendy modern square-end Green one

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Really rainy. Running instead. Cycling is for losers


Morning all

Parkrun in an hour, then a chat with a couple at the running club there about revamping the website, and then absolutely sod all. Yas.


I beg your fucking pardon