Saturday thread

Just go to Greggs like the rest of us?

Tomorrow is Mrs W’s 40th birthday. As such I’m spending the day preparing for a Sunday afternoon soirée at our place.

I’m surprising her with a trip to Copenhagen. This is definitely not a present bought because I want it…


My girlfriend’s off to see the Pet Shop Boys tonight - it’ll be the fourth time she’s seen them on this tour. They’re so, so good live. The attention to detail throughout is always high, but this one works really well in the venues they’re playing (we saw them at ROH 18 months ago and in Gateshead last summer).

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Looking after my neice today while my sister and husband go to a wedding. Very excited to be able to play all day.

Also bought my friend’s son a banana print shorts and top set so got to wrap and send them off.

Bit fresher today…slept through it all last night so totally refreshed.

On a happier note, my mate who’s hosting the BBQ owns a pub. He just texted to say, “Don’t bother bringing any beer. We have loads. Mostly Magic Rock. But also some Motorhead.”

If you’ve not already got everything planned, then there are some good tips in here:

I can definitely recommend Aamanns as a place to eat.

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Got up ‘early’ to go watch my nephew play football, thank god there’s a stand because it’s still raining. Think we’ve had a years worth rain in one night.

Thanks! I’ve dipped into that thread - but avoided planning much (other than booking us a table at a nice looking restaurant).

We fly out on Tuesday morning. We’re getting rid of the kids and animals tomorrow. My plan was therefore to spend Monday planning together.

Still in bed, which is nice. GF has to go and try on dresses for her sister’s wedding so I’ll have the house to myself for a few hours. Will probably just drink loads of tea and have leftover Chinese food for dinner.

Pet shop boys are so much fun live :+1:

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Busy wee night last night cutting about Glasgow for various things.
Ended back at my buddy’s bar where the tv fell out with me because I was chatting to an ex tv for so long apparently, I’m starting to wonder if she maybe had a point :thinking::grimacing:
When I finally crawled into bed she got up and went into the other room.
Yeah I’m probably in the wrong. Ill need to remedy this.

What book are you on now?

Can I drink a beer on a train in Italy?

I saw Big Trouble in Little China recently. For the first time.

First of all, it was brilliant as you’d expect with peak Carpenter and Russell. Secondly, a pleasant surprise seeing your name and avatar. I had no idea.


Hello, I woke up three times last night; first time because the noise of the fan was annoying, second time absolutely torrential rain, third time thunderstorm. Finally woke up properly about 8am but didn’t get out of bed until 9.30.

It’s still super hot here. Going to hop on the train to London shortly and the TV and I plan to mooch about and eat some good food / drink some beers.

My boys 13th today.




was he scouting for more people to hit on?

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Good luck. I hope forgiveness comes sooner rather than later.

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I was thinking about going to Box Hill today. But am I right in thinking todays the big Ride London cycle ride? I imagine a lot of roads will be closed off?