Saturday Thread

Hi :wave:

Haven’t slept. At the airport. Wanna die.


Alright. Waiting for the taxi to the train station for the train to the airport.

Where bounce u goin hun?

Morning prof & smee, I hope you have good flights.

Woke up early, now waiting for R to get up/me to have to wake him. Going to a thing at my cousin’s house today, got a two hour car journey to get there which I am hoping will be ok for R (his longest car journey was maybe an hour, and that was a year ago). I am dreading it in general as there are far too many unknowns and variables for my puny mind to handle and I am not in the kind of good mental place to deal with them. Chances of a meltdown are high.

There will be baked goods though, so silver linings and that (I made blondies to take, they are pretty peng).

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Morning Proffers, Smeeers, Flashers. Fuck knows why I’m awake so early. Today is my Wednesday will be forced into getting up in a couple of hours so no point sleeping, so I’m watching The Thick Of It and drinking a big tea. Still smiling about my tax rebate, might look up some things to spaff a bit of it on.

Alright proffers et al? I’m five days into :canada:- been climbing mountains, white water rafting and today I climbed this bloody glacier wearing only leggings and a t-shirt #hardcore

Canada is pretty awesome, with scenery like this, but camping can do one.



7:10 - 10:40 Glasgow - Manchester airport
12:40 - 15:10 (local time) - Boston Logan int airport
17:00 - 21:00 - Boston south street bus terminal - New York port authority

party time in New York with meths and our other brother

Next Thursday, train from New York to Northampton, Massachusetts

cousins wedding

Following Sunday, jump in my mums hire car and drive to cape cod

beach chillin with extended family

Following Wednesday, Boston Logan int etc etc


Snacks, lots and lots and lots of snacks.


Or do you have an ipad or something like that?

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Morning. I actually woke up in time to go penoiding in sarf east London, but rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m extremely pleased with that decision.

Dunno what to do today.

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I had nearly eleven hours sleep and I still don’t feel settled. The Child is eating toast and watching Bing.

Football this morning; big grocery shop and HZD this afternoon. I’m making some kind of beef curry tonight.

It’s The Boy’s 13th birthday
We’re going to Millwall


Morning all! Family is up to visit this weekend and it’s been a tough year so we’re off to an exhibition and then a fancy lunch at one of Marcus Wareing’s restaurants. Should be nice!

Also my sister told me yesterday that her (thankfully now former) housemate was pregnant, and that this woman’s 37 year old boyfriend was convinced that pregnancy lasted 12 months. He was shocked and appalled to find out it was in fact, just the usual 9.


Yes! I have downloaded plenty of Timmy Time, Sarah & Duck and Show Me Show Me onto the tablet (no Do You Know on iplayer rn, otherwise that would be all his favourites). Will make sure I have plenty of snacks for both ways, and currently giving him a bumper breakfast to fill him a bit more now.

Also going to let him fill up my backpack with books in hope we get ones he actually wants to read and let him choose a couple of friends to cuddle.

Hopefully this is all enough :crossed_fingers:


I have a good feeling about your journey. Enjoy!

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So jealous

Bottom photo is just ridiculous. And basically just unused artwork for Joanna Newsom’s Divers.

Where is this?


Greetings from Essex. Just had my weetabix. Mrs stack is at work this morning (boo) so I’m on dad detail (wheeey). Well sleepy still tbh, a year wouldn’t be enough right now. Also just realised I don’t get paid for two weeks :grimacing:

Got a bit of a routine that little one and I do to Bat out of Hell. Full 10 minute version obvs. Might do that to wake me up a bit.

Today plasticmike and I are cycling to Winchester to see @rich-t

Need to leave but just having a cup of tea

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