Saturday Thread

Morning DiS!

We’re up with the birds here, but it’s worth it for the incredible sunrise:

Off for a haircut in a bit, then maybe a mooch round the shops. Damo Suzuki in Lewes tonight too.

What’s going on DiS?


Morning Rob, that is a very nice sky.

Really looking forward to a bike ride this morning. My dad is over for a bit this afternoon but my mum might still be here so probably lots of uncomfortable tension :tada:

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Just dropped a no-wiper, so I’m in dreamland rn


Liked for the compliment rather than the tension. Hope it’s not too bad FL

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That’s a good start to the w/e

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Feels almost obscene being awake this early. I should go for a run (my phone says its a balmy 7c out) buuuuut also I could just stay in bed and watch TV?

My partner’s down in London this weekend for her not-birthday (her actual birthday is next weekend). Meeting up at lunchtime and going to see An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, then tonight she’s organised a night out.


Waiting in for some shelves to be delivered.

Not sure I can keep up the pace of this lifestyle for much longer, tbqfh.


Morning team! Work in a bit but it’s day 2 of my 3 day week so can’t really complain. Got a massive delivery of toys and assorted festive shite to work through which will take all day probably. @kermitwormit have you cleaned that mirror yet before you start on anything else?

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Feel like I had the perfect sleep: enough to be rested properly but not so much that I’m feeling too dozy. Having a cuppa in bed while the girls watch videos in YouTube. Happy Saturday everyone :slight_smile:


Got any lemon juice? That works quite well. Thanks, the quick look I had at it yesterday indicates several boxes of remote control tractors, so I doubt there’ll be much work going on.

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I overindulged in the margaritas before George FitzGerald last night and am feeling a little fragile. I’m working today too, which will involve a lot of being outside getting rained on… should be good fun though and I will be rewarding myself with some nice food at some point. Happy Saturday all.

Need to go to a supermarket but really really cba.

It’s 32 degrees and I can feel the grumpy side of my personality coming out - going to go find somewhere air conditioned and hide. Getting an overnight train to Chiang Mai tonight.

Original Gladys Knight lyrics etc etc…


Image result for incredible hulk season 5


:wave: morning
Nice photo rob. Sky is pretty grey up here, but it’s dry at least.

Laid in bed listening to my lover snore her face off :laughing: :heart_eyes:

Need to head over to mine this morning as some Christmas presents are due to be delivered (I’m away for 3 weeks on holiday so getting ahead of the game)

Later we are gonna do some planning/booking for the holiday then eat cheese, drink wine and play board games.

Probably watch football on the telly too.


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Listened to the baby cooing and blowing raspberries to herself for about half an hour. So cute.

Got work 11-8 so motivation levels are low


Weird weekend of mixed emotions ahead.

My wife has arranged a (what was supposed to be surprise) visit from 8 ATD’s to ours this evening for beers, food and general stupidity (all staying over). She had to reveal the surprise, though, as my Mam is now going into hospital for emergency surgery at 7:30am tomorrow.

It never rains but it pours eh.

Going to the opening of a new record shop in town today which is exciting.

Other plan is to write a short story for a competition. No theme though so I have blank page syndrome, please post suggestions for what I could write a short story about below if you have any ideas.

going for a 6 hour walk in some forests today I think