Saturday Thread

Aye at The Moon sir! I’ve got a ticket to see Flasher also but was eyeing up the set times in an attempt to catch both…

Have a beer, that’ll see you right

Challenge accepted

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Jeremy Kyle is a guest on Jeremy Kyle, Jeremy Kyle calls him an idiot and tells him to get a job

Also, my brother/sister-in-law told me yesterday they are having twins :slight_smile: they’ve been trying for ages so its dead good.


Sean is posting on the wrong board.

No beer in the house. Got loads of work to do.

A double gig night? Nice! I’m going to have a look at my budget and try and make it out for Damo. Quodega are his backing band I think and they were pretty good at the Psych fest.

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Didn’t get home from Dublin until eleven last night and now we’ve to go and visit my GF’s parents and grandparents for the day. That would be fine but I was only told about it this morning and I’m very tired. It’s been a tough few days.

Think the show was a tenner? Ah I should have consulted you as I hadn’t heard of Quodega! Well DM if you do as it would grand to have a catch up buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

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£11 on Dice apparently. Can’t argue with that really. I’ll check with Ms Horse that we haven’t got plans I’ve forgotten about and let you know!

Can’t say I paid that much attention to Quodega tbh - they were on in Clwb and I think at that point I was just happy to have a nice pint and a sit down…

hey that ad at the top about funding seems to suggest that the old dis being online costs rather than makes money.

surely nuke it? cui bono?

But what about fish puns

@sean are we to believe that even fish puns no longer generates revenue? :’(

went to the beach, took flasks like proper old people, saw some excellent dogs running in the sea, now home to watch Catfish - my new favourite brainmelt show and drink tea.

moody right?


Did a mad dash around the supermarket with the rest of Geneva before all the shops shut at 6pm until Monday morning. Honestly the worst thing about this country, makes Saturdays a fucking nightmare and Sundays are useless if you don’t have a car. About to have a cup of tea and decide whether to go for a run.

I think I might get up now.

so tired!

Should have stayed in bed all day like me (I am actually still tired)

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Great photo Slicky! Love it.

Had a good morning of stuff. Also got a ticket for Fucked Up.
Bought a really fit bottle of red, so making a bolognese to go with it. Dreamy.

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