Saturday Thread

Chu upto? I’m off to London to meet a pal and then afterwards meet another pal, @aboynamedgoo to be precise!

I am officially tired.

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Work. Really cba, going to be all busy and that.

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About to begin the journey home from Deutschland.

Been up since 5am as generating a lot of snot and the wind is howling.

I don’t even know what day it is

I think you do.

In large part only thanks to this thread


My brother did try to convince me it was the 29th yesterday but I checked the skyguide because I’m very smart.


As Unlucky says it’s fierce windy today. So I’m going to go out in it and try and hit a small white ball into a small hole. 18 fucking times!!

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Work until 2ish, then meeting some NCT mums and dads in the pub.

18 hole in ones?


Aaaahhhh, the dream!!

May I suggest factoring in the wind direction and strength when deciding the direction in which to attempt to hit the ball?

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Make sure the power bar is indicating a strong hit, but not too strong. And get that spin working.


Thank you. This is good advice. And probably what I’ve been doing wrong for the past 4 years. Hit the ball in the direction of the hole…it’s genius!

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Still in the north east. Going to the beach this morning, into town late afternoon, and then dinner in Chinatown with my aunt and uncle who are over from Canada.

I’ve not slept in two nights, though. Just want to go to bed.

Hello. I’m in an airport. My flight is 15 minutes delayed so far and it’s v. v. windy. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

can’t get out of bed, still hungover from thursday. gotta go to john lewis today to finish my xmas shopping. lord, help me. should go to the gym as well but…


Got period pain. Got no food in the house except cheese. The flat is a mess as the big bins have been full every time I’ve gone to take some rubbish out. Pretty sure I’ve got the start of a migraine too.

Morning all. Still in Edinburgh, still having fun. Just gonna wander about Stockbridge today.

Had lunch next to an academy award nominated Hollywood celebrity yesterday. Feel free to guess who it was if you so wish.

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