Saturday Thread


I’ve been up two hours already. There’s been kids tv, puzzles, play dough and colouring in, and quite frankly, I want to go back to bed.

Hope your days are starting better than mine.

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Morning orch

Off out for a run, see you in a bit :wave:



Off through to Edinburgh to go to a Robots exhibition, then might climb Arthur’s Seat, then hopefully some nice grub with the gf.


Joiner’s coming round at nine to do the living room alcove shelves (fucking FINALLY). Our next door neighbour had a moan at us for having a new front door fitted at eight last weekend, and these shelves are getting fitted on the adjoining wall with his living room, so I’m gearing myself up for a wee conflict there.

Might go look at carpets later. No other plans.

Morning. Sat outside the gym waiting for it to open as I have a PT session at 8am. Going to watch some hockey later. That’s about it.

Going on that IndyRef march I think as the weather’s looks fucking awesome.

Also almost all Glasgow team members up and threading today.

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Morning! Going to work shortly, another busy one probably, then a charity quiz night later which should be at least moderate fun. 5.30-7.15ish will be spent worrying a lot about football.

Morning. Worky work today until 8pm. Missing my sister’s birthday as well :confounded:

Almost, doubt @Lo-Pan has ever seen 8am on a Saturday though



Maybe if he is carrying over from Friday mind. :blush:


Morning Rob, all,

After kicking off yesterday’s evening with episode 3 of GoT my word that was somewhat horrowing in the moment, if ultimately very formulaic we had a pair of our bessies over for drinks and i made Thai drunken rice, although it was really gloopy and hmmm, not very good. Everyone was very polite though. Then we watched a load of Eurovision entries. Some absolute bangers in there. Still not sure about watching it this year though.

Going to get up and make BLTs at some point. Hopefully catching a boat down the Thames to Mapledurham food fair later, which I’ve just realised goes past the mill, so I might be able get a photo of it to send my mates. Not sure what the plan will be after that.

Just realised I’m really tired. :upside_down_face:

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Off to town to take part in the ely eel day parade.

My son has made a sock puppet called mr ely, who will be joining us.


What’s your sock puppet called?


I was offered a permanent role at work yesterday so will be celebrating a bit this weekend. Picking my dad and stepmum up soon then just mooching around the city eating and drinking nice things. The sun is out and Glasgow looks pretty. Happy weekending, all :sunflower:


Off on a May Day march

Morning all!

We’ve got numbers for Saturday football for the first time in about a month, so playing that and then going to watch some jazz fusion improv later on.

Might mow the lawn this afternoon.

Happy birthday Chris Packham.

58 years old :open_mouth::sparkling_heart::eggplant:


Fuck you pal, I was up at 9am Spanish time this morn :fu::grinning::wink:
But yeah not very often :grimacing:

Have a happy Saturday everyone :kissing_heart:


Going on a 17 mile walk along the Thames today. Bit nervous as I’ve never walked that far in one go before. Plus side I can’t get lost.

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Had planned to clean the whole house and cook a big meal but CBF is overtaking me :fearful: