Saturday thread 🧵

What’s occurring DiS?

Just TCOB (taking care of business) before my run (:poop: )

Watching football later and having a nap no doubt.


good morning Matt,

I certainly hope you’re feeling some relief post tcob.

Cat helpfully woke me up at 5 for food which is so great. Might take a walk out and look at some cruise ships if I can get near today

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Woke up thinking I have work

And I don’t!



Going to see my niece and nephew (niece probably for the last time until Xmas :frowning: if my niece was as a naughty as she was yesterday it might actually be :slight_smile: )

May see if I can meet a pal on the walk back.

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Didn’t win euro millions again, getting ridiculous now.

Got work soon :cry:



Hey hey. Got to go and look at replacement conservatory roof options. Not sure anyone is going to have quite so much FUN.

Then it’s starting to watch the us office and eating biscuits I think.

Don’t judge it by the first season…


Groggy af after three beers yesterday.

Going out for a few park tins with a dog friend (and his owner I guess) later. Signed up for a storage unit like a big boring grown up, need to sort some stuff to put in it.

Got a long day of nowt ahead of me

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My auntie is away for the night so I’m going to look after my nan. She used to look after me as a kid and now the roles are reversed :sob: gonna offer her a choice of her two favourite meals for dinner - KFC or chippy chips.

Nowt else planned, just watching football


Big dog walk
Fix garden gate
Attach lock to garden gate

T-t-t-t-t-tip ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun


Absolutely knackered after my infusion yesterday. Still going to meet an ATD (who I haven’t seen for months) for a pub garden lunch later though. The odds of an afternoon snooze are looking good.

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Just getting out of bed now, pal. Thanks for asking.

Hello!! Drank a bottle and a half of wine last night, SO glad no one was around to suggest zooming before I passed out on the sofa :laughing:

Going to Shower, have avocado on toast with a fried egg, before heading out for a daunder and then drink the rest of my wine and eat left over tacos :blush:


Off to work in a moment.


Having coffee on the sofa with moonlight. Kids are still sleeping off their respective Friday nights

Should be going for a drink at 5 but no big plans in between. Probably a bike ride, hopefully my son has space in his schedule to come along

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In the bath


Hi Dis! Away with the in-laws for the weekend for their 50th wedding anniversary. Staying in a really lovely converted barn in the countryside. Pretty nice.

Also hanging out with this pair of good girls



Into town this morning to finish off a film and pick up the film I finished last weekend, then a picnic on Firle Beacon with cake this afternoon. Note to self - buy cake.

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