Saturday thread


hello - what’s going on?

stuff i can/should/might do today:

  • gym/run
  • work on some artwork
  • go shopping
  • get a burrito



my neighbours had a party til around 4am last night. then they were being really loud this morning too. they are such cunts seriously.

i need to do quite a lot of boring things like tidying the flat and laundry and all that sort of stuff. also applying for jobs i think. i need to buy some new shoes too as mine are totally falling apart but i really can’t be bothered.


hello everybody!


hey foppyish, great to see you


Happy Saturday to all,
I’m gonna have some breakfast and then later head to the old hairdressers as my pal along with some other folk are putting on a bunch of bands over the whole weekend, they’ve called it freakender.
Should be really good.


Hello Eric, hello Flanders, HELLO FOPPYISH, hello lo-pan, hello everyone! It’s going to be a good day! :sunny::+1:


Good morning. I am a bit hungover.

Viewing a house later. It’ll probably be shit. Was going to go to some country fair thing but it turns out it’s the rubbish kind with giant vegetables rather than the cool kind with goats and dogs and etc.

That means the most notable part of my day will now be filling up the car so I can drive to Norwich tomorrow. Woo.


I took the cats to the vets this morning for their yearly vacations. Getting them in their boxes took a while. The vet seemed to totally fall in love with one if them.

I’m considering going to Whyteleafe v Welling this afternoon in the FA Cup.


and you and the rest of the crew


thanks for the CAPS, it means agrest feal to me


*a great deal


oi oi ladzzzzzzzzzz

was up at 4.30 this morning. dull as fuck.

went back to bed at 6.30 - slept another solid 3 hrs. feel great now.

ran out of coffee, ain’t I


I got all excited when I got to type your name out, fopz. WOOO FOPPYISH. :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Presumably they’ll be sleeping it off at some point. That’s the point when you turn music on really very loud and go out. Something repetitive.





I just opened a brand new jar of instant (yeah i know), SO SATISFYING.


Yes I think so. Might plug in my bass amp and blast some Basic Channel through the wall. Should sort things out.


I preferred the first spelling


Just having a lovely cup of coffee. So good.
Then off to the shops to stock up on food and booze for the weekend and beyond.
Probably watch a bit of horse racing later like an old, old man.


Put on some Converge full blast.