Saturday Thread

Morning DiS. Time to fit a quick coffee in after dashing around at work for an hour. Won’t stay long, happy Saturday peoples…


Good morning punky! Happy Saturday :hugs:

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Morning Saturdayers!

We’ve got gymnastics and a birthday party today while Wor Lass is working. We’ll be eating pulled pork tonight, hopefully.

It should be nice and warm.

Currently watching a seasonally appropriate film with The Child: Nativity!


Morning folks.

Have the gym this morning then helping a friend move house, then meeting friends in the park.


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Gonna clear out this apartment today … or maybe just lie on the beach all day :thinking: can’t decide



Quite an exciting one for me, off to the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition early afternoon then on a train to Whitstable for the week!

Gonna do nothing except eat oysters on the beach and maybe cycle to Margate.


Just gonna have a bath in my fancy hotel.

Was supposed to be meeting a friend in central London but because of the Covid march im knocking that on the ol noggin

Morning. Had a nice few days in Hastings and now have three days at home doing fuck all. Quite excited.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Later Nativity films are just so bad.

First child free weekend in 14 months - so of course I was awake at 6:30am.

Heading out to a local indie cinema/bar/cafe for lunch and Nomadland.

Pub after?


I’m not really a fan of this one.

We’ve watched it three times this week for some reason.

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I thought it was meant to be nice this weekend, but currently it’s raining. I’ve been up since about six being forced into making Lego sets and now im being told off for not playing with them.

Im going to mooch into town this afternoon, but I know it’s going to be hell because it’ll be crazy full of tourists (safety wink cos @meowington said she was down this weekend). Probably go on my bike to avoid the crowds

Very hungover. Had local indian last night, paying the price today


I’m kind of interested to know the combined likes of all the Hoogy HQ posts in the daily threads

Got any data on that Hoogs?

Trying to encourage my children to just go and play in the garden rather than tear up the house. It’s like I’m trying to fire them into the sun.


It’s oscar-worthy in comparison to the others ones, honestly. Pretend they don’t exist and save yourself the pain and hurt.

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Morning! First day of half term so of course have been awake since 6.

Off to b and q and then it’s painting and gardening.

Then chaaaampppiooons final I guess.

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Ugh hungover. Here’s a new weird hangover regret… I decided to text my landlady at midnight about a new key for my postbox :thinking: bet she appreciated that.

Getting my first vaccine in an hour or so. Something you definitely want to be hungover for. Nice one, dickhead.


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4,154 likes so far.