Coffee and move it’s the liverpool groove. Good lord I have a lot to do.


Drinking coffee

Going to go for a run then try fix my computer

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Current status: drinking coffee and watching tv.

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Somewhat thrown that my National Express a) is a double decker and b) is offering something called PREMIUM SEATING. How premium can a journey up the M4 be?

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Going to a NT industrial cotton mill. Every day on holiday with me is, as mrS says, an educational experience.

Also :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain: here.


  • Have these for Breakfast Pudding (with raspberries :blush:)
  • Save them for pudding tomorrow evening - silly option cos if we eat these today we can have something else delicious tomorrow!

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Buses when you are a kid: Holy shit this is the best thing ever!

Buses when you are an adult: Holy shit


Piranha 2: the spawning was directed by James Cameron. Whaaat.

Morning folks. Was having a brilliant dream but my alarm woke me up :unamused:

Got some English muffins in, going to have scrambled egg and smoked trout for breakfast :blush:

Going to try and cover up my poor eye with a lot of make up today, which is a bad idea but I want to feel pretty and I haven’t worn make up in ages. Scream.

Also, been trying to find more horror enamel pins on Etsy and struggling tbh. Very tempted to make my own :thinking: had anyone had enamel pins made before? Is it mad expensive? I think @shes_so_high has?



Been to do a big food shop and to the pet shop. Missed the rain just about.

Now I don’t leave the house ever again. Might nap, watch some lympics

Morning all.

So close to getting the garden finished but this fucking sporadic rain is making it bloody hard work. Just need a day of clear dry weather.

Pub for the lions later. Hoping that Gatland has some sort of Damascene moment and we actually try to play some rugby.

murdey juicy juice


the internet was a mistake


Dune and coffee

Might be having lunchtime drinks but then also … might not

Wtf ‘one serving 75g’
Works out as 1 and a half profiteroles a serving?!

  • A serving is 4 profiteroles
  • A serving is 3 profiteroles (2 leftover then tho :thinking:)
  • A serving is 2 profiteroles

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Watching RHOBH in bed, gonna have a croissant in a min

Today I need to do a big run and I’m making a little bag

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A serving is however much you have divided by the number of people being served

is that out now?

Reading in advance of it coming out, Oct 22 I think

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Would be pissing down, wouldnt it.