Morning DiS. Grabbing a coffee at work and popping in to get Saturday moving. Looking forward to the tennis later. Take it away Smokey… I don’t know, just walk around the room or something, that’ll do…


Morning MP, looks like the Bristol crew is up early this morning. Speeding down the M32 on my way to work now, looks like another nice day. If I get out in time this afternoon I’m going to treat myself to a tip run, which is always a treat.


I’m awake. No clue why

Anyway, radio and lounging in bed for a bit now…no plans really today which is nice after a bit of a week.

Maybe a wander somewhere…

I was thinking about that song for some reason a couple of hours ago!!!

And glad I did, it’s a lovely hot relaxing aromatherapic bath of a song :smiley:

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Morning kids

The only plan for today is going to have pizza on the beach, just like we did as year ago after our civil ceremony.

Maybe if we can get a last minute babysitter we might go out for a drink later too


Morning all :wave:

I’m up and awake, but I don’t have anything particular I need to do today. Bliss! I’m going to pop to the tip to hand in some old paint, maybe pop for a short walk somewhere. Football is a 5.20pm kickoff so I’ll go to that. If you have BT Sport you can see if you can spot me in the crowd.

I’m very tired today. Long old shift at work soon. Tea and toast first. Working night shifts tomorrow and Monday night, so that’ll only add to the tiredness


Youngest daughter has her first proper league football game this morning - away against Otford United Wildcats.

I’m unduly excited about it.

Planning an Indian feast for later.


Forgot to buy cereal so have zero breakfast foods in. Dissaster.

You say that, but now you have to go out for breakfast, which is what Saturdays were made for surely?


Usually, I would agree but trying to be ‘good’ to lose a bit of lockdown(s) weight (and i had massive chinese last night so want to be extra good today)

What do you have?? Let’s do a suggestion thing for you.

Morning all

It’s my birthday on Tuesday but I’m celebrating today - my girlfriend has something planned for us to do in the afternoon (thinking maybe an exhibition), then having friends round our flat for drinks later, my brother is visiting for the weekend too. Quite excited, but currently just waking up.

Woke up with Wichita Lineman in my head so currently listening to that with my coffee before I do anything.


Actually…i have flour n that, so mighr make pancakes.

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Hello. Big long run in a bit, then got lots of housework and stuff to do. Taking my partner out for a delicious tapas meal for her birthday later.

Unifying the two WFH stations as there’s only ever gonna be one of us at home from next week, that’s pretty exciting

Was just thinking what to put on there and think I’ll put Glenn Campbell on


Still absolutely clueless where to go tonight, was hoping to get some mme out too but you’re all too busy and cool. Pft.

Feel pretty down in the dumps today tbh.

Morning all!

We’re at gymnastics this morning. I’ll be grocery shopping for a bit and then possibly reading my book while I have a snack.

Which of you is more likely to leave passive aggressive post it notes for the other one?

Heading home from our Wales holiday. Breaking up the journey with the Blue Planet aquarium in Chester which the silly toddler should love