Saturday Thread


Good morning. How are you all? Slept well? Up to much with your Saturday?

I’m going to take advantage of the good weather and free weekend and get a load of stuff done on the house/garden: trim the hedge, clean and vacuum the car, maybe pressure wash the patio. None of these things are euphemisms. Making the most of a rare burst of motivational energy.


A truncated weekend for me. I’ll start a 11 hour shift at work at 9am. I’ll head for a pub after that. The thought of a large red wine when I finish will keep me going.

Have a fun day whatever you’re up to.


Not a great start. Mother-in-law too ill to go narrow boating so scrambling around trying to cancel everything. Fuck off cancer you complete cunt.


In currently in a rather nice hotel in deepest Kent after a friends wedding yesterday. About to go down for breakfast in a bit.

Thus afternoon in if to the folks to try and fix my nephews computer. I’ll probably stay for dinner.


I think I’m going to do some batch cooking, so need to go to the supermarket and the butchers. Might be motivational issues there…

Yesterday I went for a run for the first time after hurting my knee 6 weeks ago. No adverse affects this morning.


good morning, I’m going to go for a run!


Morning all!

Football at eleven. Wor Lass is working all weekend so might go into town for lunch this afternoon. Going for a tasty steak in Edinburgh to celebrate her brother’s birthday tonight.


Dying of a cold
My bf called me and he’s ridiculously hungover and telling me I need to come take care him so I have a cold and I’m also really pissed off


In Blackpool. Might go for a run along the front


Morning. Theatre last night was great (Platonov - Chekhov bringing the comedy). Wife’s working today (but at home at least) so will probably spend much of today reading/playing ps4/Xbox games/wasting my life in some similar fashion.


running a 5k later.
predict my time


bear in mind ive never timed myself running before and haven’t done any exercise in the last few weeks other than beach volleyball



Still in bed but been awake for a while, reading and listening to Sleater Kinney.

Need to get up. Feed the cat. Hang my washing up to dry. Squash at 11. Will watch the midday kick off. Might go to that new pizza / brewery place in town later. Might start a new book…


Waiting to hear if I actually start work in and hour and twenty or not. I’d written it down in my calendar but in the online system we use someone else is registered for the shift.

If I’m not working then my instinct is obvs to just go back to bed, but I went to bed pretty early last night so don’t know if there’s really any use. Feels weird being up early on a Saturday, NEVER happens if I’m not working.



I’d need to know if you’re fitter or lighter than me.


i’m not


off for brekkie with me missus and her mam, then watching footy


If that’s true, sack off the running now and enjoy the brief time you have left before morbid obesity claims you.


Think I just slept for 11 hours or something. Still feel a bit tired. Might have a cold or something.

Plans: coffee.


28 minutes