Saturday Thread

Morning all!

Today is going to be a long day.

Wor Lass is doing a craft market in town all day. I’m moving The Child between drama, the market and a birthday party during that period.

What are you doing?

Morning! I’ve got the day to myself so I was thinking of going to Epping forest for an outdoorsy day wandering around. Then out for Japanese this evening with my girlfriend and her family.



Child free! Dog free!

Mrs W and I are heading into London and staying the night. Mexican food, theatre, and probably a fair bit of drinking.


Contemplating park run but im a worm so probably cba.

Gonna coffee and bagel soon

Not much, gf brought her clay so might mess about with that.

Got Apple tv trial so might watch the tragedy of macbeth.

Also need to watch hannh gadsby stuff to see of gf wants the ticket i bought her for it.

I like craft markets

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This one is at The Briggat in town .

I’m making the dishoom black daal for a family dinner party this evening where we’re all bringing Indian food. I have to get up now to start boiling the beans for 3 hours as otherwise I’ll be very off schedule


I’m going to do it for the first time in about a month this morning, you should too! Go on! You’ll feel fantastic afterwards*

*once you’ve had a shower

Got a 12hr shift ahead of me on one of the busiest days of the year. And I’m doing it on my own

Tiger Woods Win GIF

Wish I wasn’t awake.


Hello. Just catching up on this week’s Apprentice, then the shopping is arriving, and then probably nothing cause my car is in the garage and we can’t go anywhere. Gonna make spicy pulled pork in the slow cooker I think.

Erg, hungover, if it wasn’t for the cats I’d still be asleep

Kind of forgot to eat much yesterday which was a mistake. Crisps at 1 was too little too late

Anyway I’ve got the new big thief on which is the correct vibe and having cofffee and toast with marmite

Lunch with my eldest in a bit, need to think where to go


Please can someone deliver emergency breakfast to my hotel room. It’s an emergency.


Mrs stack is taking MiniStack to see Frozen the musical today which is cool so I have TinyStack and we’re going to get into some classic scrapes. By which I mean going to Chelmsford town centre and maybe eating pizza.

Gonna watch Alien tonight, that’s basically it.


Should’ve eaten my chips! :wink:

My parents are visiting for the weekend so it’s brunch out this morning while the kids are at their singing group, then going to try to persuade everyone to go for a walk at Trentham Gardens because they have a new fairy installation and it will delay them starting drinking for the rugby. Then we all shout at the telly for a bit and hopefully have a takeaway later. Good Saturday.


I was too excited to eat :crazy_face:

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Got the house to myself for most of the day, so I’m going to make the most of it and sit in my bedroom all day playing that new Korean MMO


Today we’re gonna line our stomachs with pizza :pizza:


Stayed in family room at travelodge. Eldest was sick during the night (thankfully in the bathroom). I managed to sleep through everything and my wife was incredibly impressed by this*
*very annoyed
In SW London today, no plans. Need to see me mam but might go for walk by lock.

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Yeah I’m out for lunch too so I’ll be much better fed tonight

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