Saturday Thread.

Morning troops! I am away to Canada for four weeks. You will see beach based content shortly, along canoeing, camping and BBQs.

Here’s a photo of my poor puppy shipped off to a loving family for the month. They’re super excited to have him.

Have a great Saturday! I’ll be flying long before youse have replied.


Been up since 3am with the baby. Awful. Fuck this

Morning all!

I’m watching a Barbie special with The Child.

I haven’t had breakfast yet but I think it will be toast and chocolate spread when it happens.

Wor Lass is taking The Child to see Minions again with some friends. I really want them to dress up formally but she thinks I’m joking.

I’m making Sri Lankan curries for tea.


Mucking about/last-minute packing until it’s time to get on a plane later. Flight isn’t actually until about 5 but who knows how chaotic the airport is going to be so we’ll be there for some stupid time.



Ah jesus yeah, I know this makes no difference whatsoever but it does get better

The airport here is super quiet for some reason. Maybe all those canceled flights are helping


There are some good ones. I like the Dolphin Magic one, as a long running joke I have is feigning surprise when Isla is revealed to Barbie as being a mermaid, and I exclaim “Isla is a fish!?”. This is now a common Dad Joke I repeat a lot, like “hey, did you know this is wild, but I heard from your mum that Isla is a fish” etc

Enjoy canadia sheldz :wave: :canada: :maple_leaf:

I’m gonna go for a 10mile run then beer fest this afternoon. :muscle:

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Morning kids!

ParkRun first thing for me, then taking the boy into town for some Lego thing at the library around lunchtime, then LIVE ON DISSONANCE RADIO AT 3PM WITH @grievoustim and @shes_so_high , then a 50th birthday party tonight. It’s a busy one today, for sure


Got the day off tomorrow so gonna have a lie in until possibly as late as 8:30am :scream: last weekend in AK so better make it a goodun I suppose. Should really go to sleep but i’m on moosewatch and making a list of all the things I have to start doing the second I get back to the UK, with the biggest one being start promoting my new album :grimacing: :grimacing:

Hope you’re all good :vulcan_salute:


Trains are cool


Sorry to hear that. Hope for better nights for you soon.

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We watched the fairy one and now we’re watching the secret agent one.

Morning all

Bad nights sleep and a busy day but hopefully a fun one - got an antenatal class all morning, then a joint baby shower sorta thing in the park with my girlfriend and another of her friends who is also pregnant. Hopefully going to be a nice day for it though I feel like I’m going to be ready for a nap after a couple of drinks in the sun :sleeping:

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Morning sugars

No plans beyond sitting in the garden, might take dog to the river for a splash.

Ordered some sports shorts as it’s active week at school next week and that means sportswear EVERY day. The actual worst. :weary:

These will help though right?


Do they do them in sturdy men’s sizes?

For me - I’m not suggesting we’d wear the same size.

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Youngest daughter has a Brownies day out, and Mrs W is the helper.

Eldest daughter is going to a friend’s

It’s just me and the dogs for the day.We’re going for a walk before it gets too hot.

After that, don’t know. Possibly library, record shop and some greasy food. Possibly just sitting on my arse doing nothing.


Up early to go fishing but i cant find my flashlight or head lamp. Might just listen to records instead.

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Morning :wave:

Today’s plans

  • take the cheeksters for long overdue COVID jabs
  • have breakfast somewhere as a treat
  • continue to build a rabbit enclosure :rabbit2:
  • pizza for dinner