Saturday thread!

Good morning all :wave:

Hope you all slept well? What are your plans for the day? Anything else you want to share with your friends on DiS? This is the thread!

Here is the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: which is a bit of a faff to post on mobile compared with desktop but it’s here nonetheless

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:08 16:00 07:52:02 +1:46
London 08:04 16:08 08:04:16 +1:39
Glasgow 08:44 16:01 07:17:12 +2:05
Manchester 08:22 16:07 07:44:33 +1:49
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:13 16:29 08:15:17 +1:34
Newcastle 08:28 15:56 07:27:49 +1:59
Cardiff 08:16 16:21 08:04:31 +1:39

Here in West Norfolk, the sunset time has breached the 4pm mark! :partying_face:



Stayed up until 2.30 for no reason other than I was watching Cassandra Jenkins live videos and making a 2022 playlist. My wife woke me up at 6am getting ready for a swimming session, so I’ve been awake for a while. Currently sat on the sofa with the kids watching Finding Dory. Gonna make pancakes in a bit when she gets home. And making some sort of pork belly and shiitake mushroom ramen later (one of those tiktok recipes that looks decent). Might try and get to the local bottleshop for beers maybe.


But first, another cuppa pls @colon_closed_bracket


Morning ccb et al!

I’m up with The Child for regulation videos and breakfast. No drama today unfortunately and The Child is getting her C19 booster too.

No solid plans for meals but I think Newcastle are on the TV later so I’ll hopefully get to watch that.


I’ll get to in. Sounds like a good food day!

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You’re welcome to pop.round, but only if you provide a Hanseatic platter


Provided as standard. Will be there in 3.5 hours


Off to get a beard trim, then lunch, then checking in at th airport hotel


I need to go to town this morning, but I can hear that it’s raining already. I guess I’ll have to coat up. Might try and get a haircut on the way home


Still in bed. Amazed the dog hasn’t been pestering for his breakfast yet.

Not much planned. Weather is shit but a dog walk, I suppose. Watch the football later. Might need to pop out and get something or other for dinner.

Off to my first football match of the season. Boro v Brighton, I’m very excited. Need to tidy for a house viewing first then later will either have a takeaway for my birthday in the week or eat up the xmas party food from the freezer. Maybe fit a film in as well.

Morning all.

Woken by the rain lashing down outside. Thankfully its subsided a bit ahead of the dog walk. Got the latest in the Lurcher with cushion series to post in the dog thread.

Going to Sparrows for lunch then drinks for a friend’s birthday. Between now and setting off for that I really need to do a draft of the skills and experience section of my job application.

Going to do some hoovering and laundry then go for a walk, do some tutoring and then some work for my phd then cook, watch a film, read then sleep

Hi, just got up, having a coffee

Got a pub date at noon, which is slightly odd but I’ll take it, 1st date since September or something. Also 1st planned to meet this person early summer 21 and then I got Covid and it never happened

No other plans for the weekend and that’s fine, although I should try and meet my eldest at some point



Having a coffee and dyeing my hair. Got someone coming to clean the gutters later so a very exciting day here.

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Planning on heading for a run but I do want to avoid the parkrun people near me (I have no idea why) so might leave it another 20 mins.

Otherwise a fulfilling day spending a shitload of money on house stuff like an ironing board and an airer, and generally spending too long on trains

Had a rubbish week of work but had a normal nights sleep and gonna see friends from home for the first time in nearly a year later, Saturdays are back baybeeee (boring Saturdays will resume next week)

Off to the gym with my auntie


Me and my baby still have covid, I’m currently in the bath and he’s having his morning nap :mask: Can’t taste anything so just eating food with good texture, but am running out of ideas… I have grand plans of doing something productive like finishing painting the kitchen, but in reality we will probably binge watch The Traitors and snooze and that’s absolutely fine by me too :pray:


Damn kids being annoying this morning. 5 year old up at 6am doing ‘art’ which involved smashing ink stamp things onto paper.
Off to take eldest to tennis and it’s like gale force winds. Wish he was really into indoor bowling or something. Need to take the Xmas decs down!!