Saturday Thread


what are you up to today?

i’m looking up a walk to go on, feel like climbing a big hill. any ideas?

Could do with some new slippers
A roller skating jam named the friday night thread

Hi ET4,

Forgot to get milk for my cereal last night on the way home so had chocolate buttons for breakfast.

Gonna go to Sainsbury get some eggs and muffins for my 2nd breakfast.

Might go watch Thistle, @Severed799 you going?

Tonight either meeting up with a girl or if that falls through probably go to Arab Strap.


might go up surrey hills actually. any walk recommendations @Balonz ?


Just spent an hour sorting out my fantasy football wildcard. Already regretting some of my decisions.


Going to APPLE DAY shortly.


Lunch at my parents’ house and a Laetita Sadier gig somewhere in Haringey later in the evening. A place called New River Studios that I haven’t been to previously.


new river is cool, very DIY


got these really stupid university things all day. designed for people who want to wear school uniform as adults/ feel elite cause they got into oxford. they give us about a million books to read then waste my saturday with this pish.


Bookshop, then gonna attempt to do a workout but will likely put that off until morning. Cooking motherfucking individual beef wellingtons tonight oh shittttt


Thanks. Looking forward to it. I haven’t seen Laetitia Sadier solo before. I saw Stereolab in 2002 and in 1995 before that.


Am I to understand that Laetitia has a new endeavour called Thistle?


I keep meaning to start walking more. I live in the edge of the North Downs Way.

Last year I did a wallk of about 10 miles from Old Oxted to Tatsfield and back via Titsey Place. Got to Tatsfield in time for lunch and watched Chelsea v Palace in a pub. Then walked back to Old Oxted where there are some nice old pubs.

Keep meaning to do this at some point.


looks nice. think i’ve decided on ockley to leith hill which i’m informed is the highest point in the south east !!


How are you so casual about going to Arab strap? :smiley:

Not sure about thistle yet today, was meant to be meeting grosvenor cinema at some point about work


As for me I’m going to see bad breeding/undo tonight


Have fun. Botley Hill is apparently the highest point in London, its on that route I posted and also on the oxted to tatsfield route I did. Lovely pub there too with stunning views.


Palace v West Ham for me, with a trip to Beer Robelllion before the game.


Apple day was yesterday! Ha!


Not really my part of Surrey. Box Hill is nice and so is a another really big hill that I can’t remember what it’s called.

Usually go to Polesden Lacey when I’m round there and you can do walks from there. It will cost you though if you aren’t an NT member.


Morning, just finished The Girl on the Train - was expecting more to be honest, the reveal was okay. The trailer for the film looks rubbish though

Birthday shindig for a work friend tonight.