Saturday Thread

Planet coaster =17th November

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update: missed my train to ockley so i’m going to box hill instead

Omg look cat twins



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just remembered i bought bedroom slippers in asda at half one this morning


Just been for a walk and have returned to my essay (and to procrastinating on DiS). Glad I haven’t left it right up to the last minute, because I’m really going to need to go through this and iron out some of the rubbish phrasing and whatever, I think.

… and this is being soundtracked by the soundtrack album for Kentucky Route Zero Act 4. :slight_smile:

just remember everyone loves you and you have a bright future ahead!

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You’re a swell fella man, and without a doubt a positive addition to the boards who seems to always act with the best of intentions. Can’t have a high without a low every now and then but you’ll ride it out.


yeah, I found out recently that you have to wear those robes to exams and dinner and stuff. so lame.

tight shirt game.

A series of short films by Irish directors. One of my housemates did the soundtrack for one so we’re all going along to it.


I’m on a post-energy drink comedown. Should I go for a run or will that be a bad scene?

hot chocolate will do you
or just chocolate

Nice, have fun

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I opted for a suuuper hot bath, not I feel pretty sick on top of a headache. Bad call

Adults should do what they like. Have fun there if you can anyway!

Sounds tedious

My day in two pictures