Saturday thread


Good morning all. How are you?

Things are okay here. I’m still in Dorset with my dad and we’re heading to a country park with the girls. Adventure Play Trail! Treetop Trail! Miniature Railway! The brooding threat of rain! Two pairs of socks because it’s really cold!

Apologies in advance that I may not respond to any of your posts.


Hungover. About to play football. This is terrible.


Also hi CCB and hi in advance to everyone else.


Someone’s due to come round to replace my faulty dishwasher any minute now, so I SUPPOSE I should put some trousers on.

Looks freezing out there. I’m not going out in it. You can’t make me.


Pretty much nothing planned for today. Want to find some nice beer. Plus ca change.


Listening to the This Becomes Us album, doing a bit of work cover. Going out for drinks/food later.


Yucky out there. Got a load of work to do so it’s that and drinking tea that is my plan today.

Bought my first stollen of the year to go with the tea as well.


Head to Freshfields Market in Croydon. Not sure if that’s out your way?

I’m going to Boxpark in Croydon before football. There’s a Cronx bar there.


It is a bit out of the way, unfortunately. Would require a special trip.

I passed the new Box Park on the way to Croydon IKEA recently, looks pretty good.


putting the finishing touches on a law essay then gonna work on my thesis proposal and another proposal for a research paper. have a lovely day.


Very happy day for me. No work ORGANICALLY ON A SATURDAY, but also it’s just after the big exam and sufficiently far from my next proper exam to have a day of proper chill #treatyoself Gonna go shopping with my mum, watch a film (South Park - my most watched film but not seen it in a while - or Wolf of Wall Street) and do some tidying. Bliss.

Last night at my friends’ friend’s birthday quiz night we ended up chatting to a flat-earther. Thought it was a joke at first before it became clear that it was not. She compared believing in a round earth to believing in Santa, told us the education system had indoctrinated us into believing otherwise, and said that gravity is also a myth


Lmao turns out I did get a call from work earlier but my mum firmly told my boss that I was sleeping and not to be disturbed. He said he’d find someone else to go in. Good job mum.


At the airport, 12 hours of flying ahead

  • Have a beer
  • Dont have a beer
  • John Fashanu

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morning. gonna blitz the house from top to toe today. probably get a few loads on the line, too. I’m mental like that

teeth are aching a bit today for some reason.

no further words


Have fun at Moors Valley, mate


Poll closed, having a beer.



Woke up on the sofa around 5 then took my sorry self to bed.

Need a shower, some coffee and to set my fantasy team.

Have a good one!


That sounds really fun, wish I was going on a treetop trail today


Making some adjustments to the ol’ chip shop sign earlier this morning for the zine fair this afternoon. Now I’m on the train I realised I forgot the badges. Annoying but not the end of the world.


waiting for my phone to charge so i can ring my grandma (charger isn’t very long). she’s in hospital and they won’t let her go home anytime soon, which is horrible. i’ve been banned from visiting her because i have a virus, which is frustrating.

also trying not to think about other stuff before i have to be a somewhat actual functioning human being and work etc. this weekend, but i really need to sit and have a proper think about what i’m going to tell my doctor on monday re: my general physical and mental health.