Saturday threading

Actually need to get my eyebrows threaded.

Also my silly brain just woke me up from a dream that ended with me being a newspaper editor and this journalist was trying to get me to lead with the headline corbynavirus. Thanks silly brain???

What yall got planned?


Woke up in a sweat to the worst pangs of anxiety I’ve had in ages. Today can only get better, right?

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Woke up and squirted a load of olive oil down my ear. Why am I awake.


Desperately hoping our five year old goes back to bed for a bit. Please, kid. I’m still full of a cold - just another hour or so…

Not going to happen, is it?

can’t sleep


Why am I awake?

That’s me on the EMUI 10.

Alright. Didn’t get to sleep until 2.20. obviously then woke up at 5.30. cheers

Gonna go to Wilko when it opens, anyone need anything?

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Hi. Just getting the pre-requisite cups of tea as mini stack 2 is stirring. Bit hungover but I’ll live.

Mrs stack is working this morning so I’m solo dad crew then we’re off to see a couple of mates this afternoon. Have promised mini stack one we can do a face mask tonight so need to buy cucumber.

What a life.

Goddam body clock!

It’s Saturday!

Hope everyone is ok? :blush:

Morning all. Actually slept really well last night - am just sat up in bed with a cuppa.

A cuppa booze!

Not really. Just tea

Not sure what’s happening today yet. Probably go for walk this morning. Got friends coming over tonight and am going to try cooking some bits from my new Dishoom cookbook.


That’s me in the corner


Woke and done a wee. Need some serious water.

Supposed to be going for some serious sludge, but the bar will be rugbied so might sack it off.

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Nearly crashed a scooter. Took it back and got a taxi guide instead.

Beautiful place this


Taking the kids to see Carly Rae Jepsen tonight, and to Pop Brixton (streetfood place) beforehand.

Having read @Aggpass’ comments on last night’s gig I may now be more excited than the children.


Wish I could afford to call in sick. I’m fine, I just really cba getting up today.

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Hello hello

Taking Misty to the vet in a bit, just a routine vaccination but she gets in such a state, my mum probably will too which won’t help. Wish us luck!

PS @LilWoodyToodelly I bought the choc hazelnut granola :yum:

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Good luck dingers, Misty and ma dingers!

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Very important breakfast meeting