Saturday -Twilight of The Bunting

Morning all!

I hope you enjoyed your bonus days off if you were lucky enough to get them.

Today is the first of The Child’s three-day birthday so we have about twenty family members (mostly Wor Lass’s family) coming for a BBQ.

Please post about your day/ plans/ meals/ ennui below.


Morning Keith, all

Woke up earlier than I would have liked, just sitting with a coffee and listening to the birds while the brain fog lifts.

Bit of a boring chores day, tidy the flat, put some shelves up, but can probably have a day playing records while I do it.

Then friends round for dinner this evening, haven’t decided what to make yet but maybe a jackfruit curry.

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Morning troops!

We’ve got the village fair today so I’m going to go on a few fairground rides and meet friends. Should be good the weather’s here for it. Also there is a dog show.

Then my eldest is home alone as the youngest has a sleep over, so we’re going to watch star wars and see if she has avoided the spoilers at school

Weather’s crap, so don’t think much is going down today. Tomorrow is meant to be daughter’s delayed birthday party but looks like we may have to cancel that. This week can do one

So glad we’ve all got Monday off as we-

ah yer bastard

Happy Devon Day everyone! It’s appropriately windy and grey here in TQ7. Not got much to do today and I’m very happy about it.


Morning! Wasted’s alarm went off at 6:30 while he was having an early morning poop so I’ve been up since. Is this too much detail? I don’t care.

Anyway, had breakfast, lots of kitten time, and am now 85% of the way through an assignment so hope to finish that this morning.


Can I apologise for any selfies you saw of me last night, someone hacked my phone and told me to take pictures of myself.



My street is closed later for a jubilee street party; so I’m going on a hike with the dogs in order to miss most of it.

Just had a proper stodge-fest of a breakfast in preparation - leftover veggie haggis and mashed potato combined, and fried up until crisp.


Awake which means I’ve had a whole 4 hours sleep :upside_down_face:

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I‘ve just got up and am absolutely shit faced.
I’m going for a boozy lunch at 12 then taking some people on a beer tour of Leeds.
I think I might die


Swear this is the worst hay fever I’ve ever had. Absolute Lovecraftian levels of phlegm settling on my poor chest

The bleed’n sovereign’s gorn and put a curse on me, so she 'as!

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Faps dad said he signed up for Twitter but “someone else was using his name”. So he messaged them saying “why are you using my name?” and they said “I’m not”.


Big ol’ storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

It’s as the eldest has put it “bouncy castle day” on our street but unfortunately I have to go to the click and collect at B&Q which is probably for the best.

My deep sleep is dogshit
Usually sleep for over 8 hours but like 1 hour deep sleep

Think the most deep sleep I’ve had is about 1hr 15m or something, I think that’s about normal. Or maybe not and we’re both bad at sleeping deeply.

Average is about 2 hours according to this

Fucking hell

Life could be so different

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