Saturday Updates

Morning all!

We were looking forward to a standard Saturday of YouTube followed by drama and then booze for me later but that’s changed slightly.

I need to see if I can the garage to look at my car. They open at 8.00.

Still drama.

We’re going to see if we can get The Child a new bed because her current one is starting to break.

Wor Lass is out for cocktails with her mum friends tonight so I’ll be drinking my beers while playing computer games.

What are you doing? Any last minute request or changes?


Looking after the in laws dog all day while they’re at the Radio 2 festival. Unfortunately she’s just come into season so I think she’ll be wearing a nappy all day while feeling a bit sorry for herself.


Morning all :wave:

It’s quite nice to wake up on a Saturday without a massive rush to do things or get out of the house. Weather is looking nice, so might go to the coast. Going to our friends’ house for dinner later.


Morning, had a playdate cancelled for E as the house we were going to is full of ill, so avoiding that. Got to give E a bath (an absolute rollercoaster of an effort) go for a walk and nothing else planned until a wedding reception this evening for some old work friends.

We are watching Zog the dragon for the billionth time.



Bit of a misty start

I am, unfortunately, working til 3.

Gonna make a curry for tea and have a coupla beers. Looking forward to a nice lie in tomorrow (although I expect the dog will have other ideas).


Morning all :wave:

Lying in bed wide awake, I don’t tend to sleep a full night when I’ve been at the spirits. We did manage to salvage a lovely night of going out for a meal and meeting our friends in the pub and staying in it until kicking out time last night, so it actually turned out really nice. Extremely glad I didn’t just sit at home playing 65dos and feeling miserable. And we’ve been invited to come along for a spot of crusing the canal on our friends’ barge today, so that’s nice. Otherwise I would’ve been moving all the furniture and doing a big floor clean, this is much nicer.

Hope u all have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Im Back Wake Up GIF

We go again!

Football. Wolves v Liverpool. Here we go!

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Morning. Tired, sleepy and, oh, no change there.

Wife’s Birthday today, so trying to spoil her a bit. My parents might be coming up to drop a card off, I don’t know. Might pub this afternoon. Weather looks grey though.


Not a little to planned daytime. Going to change the lock on the front door. I realised we didn’t have a spare when I went away and we had a cat sitter, plus the lock was dodgy anyway.

Tonight my housemate and his brother are playing there first gig together in 17 years since supporting Los Campesinos! (Seems crazy it’s that long). I’m really liking it looking forward to it as the songs sound really good. I’m also like looking forward to seeing some friends I’ve not seen in ages.

Might get a Wendy’s burger before the gig too


Uh-oh, IKEA delivery between 9am and 1pm. Supposed to have haircut at 9.30 - would be back about 10.15.

  • Risk it
  • No, don’t
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Nice sky first thing, too


Not worth the risk and if you are anything like me you’ll be worrying the whole time.


They normally send a tracking link so you can see how far / many stops away it is but I haven’t had one yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Dogs making the missus jealous
She’s brought me a coffee up and joeys come up with her and gave me his little sausage breakfast treat thing.

He’s never given anyone food before including her.

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Loving your new dog dad life :heart_eyes:


Taking dog out and then it’s going to be the Greatest Day as I’m going with friends to drink wine over lunch and watch the Take That musical

take that GIF by London Theatre Direct


My mum’s woken up distraught, she dreamt she was having an affair with Boris Johnson.

I’m off to London later for an atd’s birthday. And meet another atd’s baby, finally! Just hope I can avoid the West Ham v Man City crowds and maybe passing out in the heat.


I’m fully involving myself bought some walking boots and some walking trousers


Raining here, so am fully soggy post dog walk.

Doing a 14 mile coastal run tomorrow so am going to do some decent eating today.

Lots of chores to do and a lot of work n’all, and the youngest has got a pal here for a sleepover tonight which i think might be hard work.

Still, is the weekend!


My son woke up with a horrible rash after vomiting a fair bit yesterday so partner took him to urgent care while I waited for the 8.30am Sainsburys delivery planning to then head there, too. All is fine and they were headed back before I got out, so a Saturday I thought was gone has just been given back to me.

Park, browse a few shops, pretend to agonise over the $16 delivery for a few American death metal records before just paying it, maybe that Pinochet vampire film on Netflix and a beer before bed.

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